10 Unique, Free Product Bonuses

Written By: Lewis Leake

Are you looking for something unique or unusual that you can use as a free product bonus? Here are 10 that not only fit your needs, but are useful as well.

1. eBook Of Reviews – Publish an ebook of things that are related to your target audience. You could review products, web sites, movies, etc.

2. Offline Directory – Create an online directory of offline resources that your customers would be interested in. Include names, phone numbers, addresses, how long in business, etc.

3. E-mail Alerts – Allow your customers to sign up to an e-mail alert list. You would then send them an alert whenever you find out news or information that could affect their life or business.

4. Round Table Chat – Schedule a group internet chat with people your customers would want to meet and talk to. These could be people in your industry or could be other customers who are using your product.

5. Personal Notes File – Collect notes that you’ve taken about your industry and compile them into a downloadable file or ebook.

6. Statistics Report – Compile a report of different statistics that’s related to your customers purchase. It could be surveys, tests, special studies, etc.

7. E-mail Lessons – Teach a class via email about a subject your customers want to learn. Email them study materials, worksheets, assignments, etc. Make it fun and interesting and not just another sales pitch.

8. Profile eBook – Publish a profile ebook or report of people your target audience are interested in. You can list their birthdays, interests, age, hobbies, etc.

9. To Do List Or Instructions – Publish a list of instructions or things to do in order to accomplish a particular goal or process that your customers might be interested in. This could be a new or unique use for your product or service.

10. Sample Of Another Product – Give customers a free sample of one of your other products as a bonus. It could be a basic version, excerpt, limited service, etc. Just make sure it’s something useful that the customer will appreciate.
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