2much Hosts Webmaster Access Blow Out

Written By: Sidney Zombay

(Montreal) April 19, 2005 – Live video chat site creator www.2much.net found itself in a quandary in the midst of their plans for Webmaster Access East when their annual anniversary bash was scheduled at the same hour as MyVirtualCard‘s Webmaster Poker Tournament.

Originally to celebrate the Tournament winner as well as 2much.net’s 8th anniversary, the party hit a brick wall when MVC’s tournament site and schedule went online.

“I was in mid-organizational frenzy when the Poker site went up,” said 2much Media guy Greg Jones. “That’s when I saw their start time.”

The Poker Tournament had always been scheduled at 8pm, said MyVirtualCard’s Joshua Ungar. “But Greg thought it was a day-time thing,” he said.

Jones, a poker enthusiast though not a big sports fan, imagined that as a spectator event, it would be a day time event.

Eric Matis, of Adult.com, the main organism behind the Webmaster Access tradeshows, finally stepped in.

“Eric saved my butt,” Jones said. “He found out about the Saturday night opening.”

“I spoke with Fred [of Braincash.com], who told me their thing was Friday, instead of Saturday night,” Matis said.

“So Saturday is all ours,” said Jones. “Which is really too bad in a way since we’ve been looking forward to doing something with MyVirtualCard for a while now. We’re friends and practically neighbours, you know?”

After JoinRightNow, the main force behind this edition of the conference, the two Montreal-based companies have applied their weight and money behind pushing this year’s Webmaster Access East conference.

“What would you do, in our place, though?” said 2much president Mark Prince. “We had the chance to close off the show in style, in a big way, with the Saturday night slot.”

2much is expecting a large turnout at the event, since many other dinners and parties, both private and public, are either concurrent or overlapping.

“But Saturday’s wide open,” Jones went on. “It’s a chance for everyone coming to the show to get together at least for one event. It’s my big schmoozathon.”

Jones and recent 2much acquisition Alain Roy, formerly of TAG Networks, are sizing up to be a formidable PR machine, according to Prince. “Since MyVirtualCard and 2much are both getting big, it’s more fitting that our two companies have two big separate events.”

Webmaster Access East opens for registration at 3:00pm, Thursday May 5th, at the Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel. This will be followed by a Poutine and Beer orgy at local Peel Pub, organized by Gallery Traffic Service, G3X, Executive Stats and MakeFuckingMoney.

MyVirtualCard’s Poker Tournament will take place at the Sporting Club du Sanctuaire, Friday the 6th. Registration will open at 7:00 pm. Player sponsorships and preregistration are already available at http://myvirtualcard.com/poker/ .

The 2much.net 8th Anniversary, Tournament Winner’s Celebration Webmaster Access East Blow Out will begin Saturday, May 7th, at 8:00pm, at the 2much.net Old Montreal offices. There will be a networking room as well as a butt-wiggling room.

The company will require an RSVP, as well as WebMaster Access East Passes, from those desiring to attend. RSVP and info: media@2much.net .


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