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Written By: Greg Jones / MediaGuy

(Cyberspace) September 10, 2005 – While a search for a Webdreams site on the web will come up empty, live video chat site LiveCamNetwork.com has taken advantage of the fact that several of its chat hostesses are featured are featured on the weekly series by having its own WebDreams fact and info site added by 2much.net .

Featuring a photo gallery made during production as well as other photos of the “2much Crew” (as company members are referred to in the show), the site also features the Webdreams trailer and other video snippets.

Aired every Friday at 10:00 pm on Canadian Showcase Network, the Galafilm-produced “docu-soap” also follows the burgeoning carreers of adult webmaster Dugmor! and his protege Malezia, Katrina, who was host of PornStarAcademie, and Dave Angelo, male stripper and aspiring online male pornstar.

Smartly edited and snappily narrated, the story weaves the day-to-day dramas of 2much.net’s chat hostesses with the public relations efforts of Dugmor, Katrina and Angelo into an examination of the different levels of exposure and success within the industry.

So while Angelo and his wife start scouting for a decent truckstop bathroom to shoot their first clips to launch his website, Dugmor is renting busses and sponsoring parties to launch Malezia’s site and Katrina is trying to launch a carreer by returning to the site where she began as star and hostess – all the while revealing to her mother the true nature of her work.

The flip side of the coin to these professionals is the amateur video chat hostess, Laurelle, who is seen coming in for her first interview and introduction to live adult video chat by 2much.net studio manager Luna

The series continues for ten episodes and each is rather compelling – to the point where it is almost frustrating at each half-hour’s end to have to wait another week for the next part.

However, once the series is all played out a DVD box set is said to be coming out, which will allow for a fully satisfying watch.

To see the trailer and photos for Webdreams, go to LiveCamNetwork.com or 2much.net and click on the Webdreams Link.

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Jones is the MediaGuy for 2much.net and webmaster of iSN News. He is responsible for the 2much Webdreams Site.

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