4 tips to Increase your income online part 1

Written By: Smiley George

In the year 2000, Bill Gates commented about the internet saying, “the internet will create thousands upon thousands of new millionaires in the next four years, those who do not learn to use it will be left behind, for there will be two people on planet earth: those on the internet and those going out of business”. That same year, I got hooked to the cyber world. Becoming aware of the information age, An age characterized by a high demand for information and where its exchange is quick.

The Internet is a door opener on a glamorous and exciting world with a powerful formative influence. Its advent has greatly increased the abilities of companies to transact their businesses faster, accurately, and at reduced costs.

Gates again, “will e-commerce change everything or just add another small sales channel? The Internet is not just another sales channel. It will transform your business. The future company will operate with a digital nervous system”. The Internet is a new medium for doing business. It will help your firm bring about revolutionary changes in your relevant fields. It really does not matter who exactly you are, what you are, and where you are. The Internet will take you where you want to be.

About the Author

Smiley George,is a seasoned Proofreader.He is into Events Marketing and Managemet and freelance writing. He is to publish soon two books,Ad and Exam Success Secrets. Email: jamesbourn@yahoo.co.uk

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