5 Little Known Tricks To Boost Your Online Experience

Written By: Shahnaz Rauf

Every trade has it’s secrets… those little known
tricks that are often easy to implement but known only
to the `initiated few`. Does this ring some familiar
bells… the master chef mixing in his secret
ingredients. Okay so for those website owners,
webmasters and people in the e-business arena, here
are 5 `jealously guarded` secrets of the e-wiseman:

1. Most of you may be aware that when writing
headlines if you start it with a number say: 7 little
known tricks… You can get your entry positioned at
the top in directories that use alphabetical listings.

A lot of people know about this and have started
using it, now how do you get above the numbers?. Try
enclosing your heading within quotation marks : “7
little known tricks…”. Yes this works.

2. Often when you are surfing using those hit
exchanges, a borderless window pops up – this has
no border, menu bars or buttons at all. Sometimes it
may even cover your entire screen including task bars
leaving you no way to get out of it. It is simple :
press `Alt plus F4` on your keyboard and you will
be free.

3. How do you protect your email address from those
spammers who unleash the power of `spam spiders`
robots that spider your website and capture your
email address… One way is to give a `big gap’ in
your email. Say if your email address is xyz@abcd.com,
your html code will look like this:


It will be split on two lines but it will work
perfectly, hence a big gap appears in the online

4. There are millions of websites out there, but one
thing is consistently missing…your `e-business
card`. Do you think you would have survived for any
respectable length of time offline without your
business card?… or can you make an appreciable
impact online without it?

5. If you are working on a shoestring budget , You
need at least a ten fold return on each advertising
cent invested. Thus you need to know which ezines,
newsletters etc you are getting your most responses

One way to do this is to use ad tracking services
that range from low cost to free but here your own
web address or url does not get exposed and you miss
out on the branding that goes along with it;

Another way is to use different auto-responders for
each advertising campaign here some prospects may
be scared stiff to respond considering the amount of
junk mail we are all being bombarded with.

Yet another way is to install site statistics on your
website and for each advertising campaign use a
different `campaign number` say if you choose campaign
codes ezine1, ezine2, ezine3 etc then your URL’s for
each ad will be `http://www.snzeport.com?ezine1`
or `http://www.snzeport.com?ezine2` and so on (Use
your own website address!). Here you simply log in to
your site tracking services and check the `visit
entry page` you will know immediately where your
maximum responses are coming from. A good site
meter for this is http://www.sitemeter.com

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