5 Reasons You Should Join The PDA Phone Revolution Today!

Written By: Ron Hel-Or

There is a quite revolution taking place both in the cell phone and in the PDA industries. This is happening right under the noses of most people. But those who are smart enough can jump right in and benefit big.

What I’m talking about is the PDA phone revolution. This thing is bigger then the invention of toaster-oven.

This is because, like the “merge” of toaster and oven into one appliance, PDA phones bring together 2 of the most helpful, most productive, time saving tools many of us already use. Our cell phone, and our PDA.

Having a “Two in one” tool like this is perfect for people who value their time and money. And these savvy people are jumping in right now and making the PDA-phone their best friend.

Let’s have a quick look at some of the huge benefits this tool can give us:

1. We need and use both of them anyway. Let’s face it – cell phones are so widely used, you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t own one. And as for PDA’s – their popularity is growing at a dazzling pace every year, as prices get lower. Isn’t it better to just get “two in one” and save money?

2. Save time – Owning two tools that have so many over lapping function is time consuming. For example, It’s much easier to maintain just one calendar instead of one at your cell phone and one at your PDA.

3. Save money – As technology progresses, most of us will upgrade our cell phone and our PDA. Having just one tool to worry about, your upgrades will be less frequent and at half the price.

4. More capacity – Many cell phones are limited in their memory capacity and their overall ability to handle administrative tasks. The PDA’s however, were born for these missions. The PDA phone therefore is a phone with a huge capacity for handling almost anything.

5. Integration – The biggest reason for merging these two vital tools is to enjoy the benefits of integration. You’ll be able to organize your calendar, talk to your friend and colleagues, download emails, listen to an mp3 file and play an addictive arcade game all at the same place.

The PDA phone revolution is here.

Those who use it to their benefit will be way ahead of others. How about joining the revolution?

About the Author: Ron Hel-Or is the owner and operator of http://www.only-pda.com – a website devoted to PDA, PDA phones, PDA accessories PDA phones and more.

Source: www.isnare.com

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