5 Tricks To Turn Your Autoresponder Into A High-Profit Sales Machine

Written By: Grady Smith

1) Create An Irresistible Offer To Grab Your Prospects Email

An auto responder wont work unless you can get it into your
prospects email boxes, right? So, youve really got to make
an irresistible, no risk offer if you want to get your
message in front of the majority of visitors.

Offer a free ebook, report, test drive, course, or anything
else thats low cost for you, has a high level of interest
for prospects, and can be delivered automatically. You might
even write an accompanying sales letter to increase desire
for your free offer.

Ive found that some on the internet are hesitant about
handing over their email addresses, just as some are
reluctant to enter their credit card number. You have to
break through this roadblock by offering them something they
just cant live without.

2) Get Your Messages Opened By Writing Irresistible Subject

Another roadblock that your autoresponder faces is that
people dont have the time to read all the spam, ezines,
offers, and autoresponders they sign up for. Yours has to
engage them by the subject line alone and needs to force
them to open the email to satisfy their curiosity.

Two successful techniques to get emails open include:

* Creating a 7-day course, and mentioning that this is the
next part in the complete course.

* Writing a benefit heavy subject line that speaks directly
speaks to your target audience

3) Use Your Prospects Names In The Email Subject And Body

Nothing grabs attention quicker than mentioning your
prospects name. And with capabilities to automatically
include names and other personal information about your
prospects, its a smart move to personalize each message so
the reader feels like it came fresh from your keyboard to
their email boxes.

A highly recommended autoresponder service to use is
http://www.followupmarketer.com because they give you these
capabilities and more with unlimited auto responders so you
can market different products without paying more.

4) Provide Real Information In Each Message

Nothing will sour readers to your product or service quicker
than giving them information that doesnt give them what
theyre after.

So, give them something they can really use and make sure
its something they havent already learned somewhere else.
If you can teach them something in one of your messages that
really helps them out, and you show them that your product
is crammed full of similar techniques, then I guarantee
youre going to make yourself a new customer more times than

5) Get Your Prospects To Act Now

Information in an email isnt enough. Theres actually a
steady formula to follow that pushes people into clicking
your link and buying your product. In short form, here it

First, give them a lesson or some strong information in your
message. Teach them something new, and help them put it into

Second, give benefits of your product, and detail how it
will help them.

And third, give them a reason to click the link and order
right now. You can say that another day without your product
is another day they wont enjoy _____________, __________,
and ________________.

Try it. The techniques outlined above will work for you if
you apply them correctly.

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