6 tips for Keeping Aurora Away from your computer… and 1 tip to Fix it if Aurora has Gotten You

Written By: Zach Keyer

1. Stay away from non-standard search engines… trust google.com and yahoo.com, all else – be wary!
2. Do not download unknown files to your computer – whether sent via an email stranger or a pop-up asking permission to download… “Just Say NO”
3. If you borrow someone’s floppy disk or CD with word documents or web pages and .EXE files… SCAN it with a virus scanner before opening anything on the disk.
5. Run an antivirus scanner weekly.. and preferably have one running 24-7 on your computer in the background
6. Install microsoft Anti-Spy… it alrets you to any attempt to download and install software that is being done behind the scenes

Final Tip:
Now – If Aurora already has infested your computer, You are getting popups and all kinds of problems… you want to go to: http://www.reikihealingstories.com/Aurora_no_more.htm
And You’ll see the 3-minute fix that finally worked for me.

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Hater of Aurora and other Computer Viruses

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