7 Great Ways To Advertise Your Web-site

Written By: Roger Boatwright

Do you own a web site? Then you know that the life-blood to any ecommerce site depends upon traffic. Without it, you are dead in the water, no matter how great your product or services are. The best way to increase traffic is to advertise. Below, learn about 7 great ways to help advertise your web-site and therefore increase traffic which will then increase sales.

1. Make your classified ads stand out in a crowd. Use all capital letters in the headline, divide letters with extra spaces, add in text symbols, etc. For example, you could write, “WIN a VACATION to Las Vegas!” Another example would be, “Win A ($) Trip To Las Vegas!”

2. Buy advertising space on discussion board web sites. They are usually arranged by subject; that makes them highly targeted. For example, if you are selling gardening tools, you would want to advertise on gardening, farm, tool and lawn-related discussion boards.

3. Create your own web ring. You will gain highly targeted traffic to your web site and others will link to your site because they’ll want to join the ring. For example, if you were selling products to net marketers, you would want to start an online marketing web ring. You would then draw your target audience.

4. Use free advertising as much as possible. Test a wide variety of free advertising options like banner and link exchanges, classifieds, newsgroups, ad swaps, joint venturing, viral marketing, web rings, message boards, trading content, etc. Don’t be afraid to try something new.

5. Clone your advertisements all over the Internet by allowing your visitors to give your online freebies away. Just include your ad somewhere inside them. You could also start an affiliate program and pay people commissions to run your ads. You could also give your affiliates viral marketing tools to use like e-books or articles.

6. Create a free e-zine directory. You’ll attract a lot of traffic from e-zine publishers and people who want to subscribe to the e-zines. Your listings could include name, subscription instructions, publishers name, etc. Of course you could put your own e-zine listing at the top of your directory to get extra exposure.

7. Create an alliance with 3 or 4 web sites. Include each of your ads or banners on the other web sites. You will all share targeted traffic with each other. For example, you would instantly have 3 web sites selling for you without paying them an affiliate income. You would just be giving them ad space on your web site.

About the Author: Roger Boatwright has a Doctrine of Medicine and many years of internet marketing experience. Roger owns a web site listing many tools needed to help promote and make your online business successful, as well a free newsletter with hundreds of money tips and tricks. Please check out the links below. http://www.BizNetPromotions.com http://www.BizNetPromotions.com/pips.html mailto:support@biznetpromotions.com

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