A Proven Link Building Strategy To Boost Your

Written By: John Taylor

Step One: Create a content rich niche web site, narrow in scope
with less than ten high potential keywords and with around
twenty to thirty relevant secondary keywords.

Step Two: Locate and make contact with other site owners who’s
site has the same theme as your site, and ask them for a
reciprocal link – having already placed a link to their site,
of course! If you build a site that is tightly focused on one
theme, content rich, informative, and above all else has unique
content, then all your peers will beat a path to your door,
asking you for a link!

Step Three: Get your site listed in all the top directories and
especially the specialist directories that closely match your
theme. Do the necessary research to find the most appropriate
category and spend time on creating attention grabbing copy for
your title and description.

Step Four: Write a series of content rich articles that focus
on your top keywords and submit them to the popular article
directories and submit them to the top ezines in your niche.
Writing and distributing one or two articles a week will build
you a lot of permanent incoming links.

Step Five: Locate and register with the popular forums within
your niche market and ensure that you include a link to your
site in each forum post you make.

Step Six: Take each of your most popular keywords and create
another content rich web site. Repeat steps one through to five
for each keyword and place links on these “feeder sites” to your
main web site.

Copyright John Taylor PhD August 2005 – All rights reserved.

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