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Written By: Jakob Jelling

Recently Google has created a new affiliation with another website that has people talking. Orkut.com is a website designed specifically for friends. Its designed more like a community than as a website. The whole impetus for Orkut.com is to make conversation with friends and family members upbeat and fun! As you may know Google has been aligning themselves with reputable websites in order to provide a premiere service like no other web crawler can.

Orkut.com is out to help the Internet community make friends with people around the world. Whomever you decide to speak with is totally up to you. You would just need to setup an account with a profile letting people know about you. Should a person have interest they can post messages to your profile. Orkut.com acts the same with Googles link sharing properties. Both philosophies believe in creation of a network and keeping people tuned into to what each other have to share. It truly is an amazing paradigm.

So Is Orkut.com just another online bulletin board?

The answer surprisingly is No! Orkut.com provides many capabilities including online dating, people who share the same hobbies and interests as well as possible business connections. You can also create your own community or special interest arena. The gamut runs deep with Orkut.com, as there are many variations available.

How to join Orkut

Are you ready for the big question How do I join Orkut.com? In keeping with the exclusivity rules you cannot just join. You have to have a friend who will vouch for you. How is that for exclusive? The thought process behind this is keeping your network ear open for folks who already are Orkut.com members. They will need to refer you if you ever want to get in. Orkuts theory is that eventually someone will let you in.

There are some websites with people who Blog and are willing to let you in. Blogger.com, also another Google.com owned website has many bloggers who will help you get your foot in the door. If you run a search on Google.com and type How to join Orkut.com youll be surprised how their theory works. It forces you to contact people you dont know for inclusion. A pure stroke of genius on Googles part.

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