ANTI-SPAM, SCAM and SPAM, What do they have in common?

Written By: Mike Smith

You would be shocked. I am angry and hopefully you will be
too after you read this.
Anti-spam program = Scam and Spam to your Address Book.

I won’t pull bones here. Lies, misrepresentation, invasion
of your privacy, e-mail abuse and more. That is what they
claim the SPAMMERS are doing to you. They promise to stop
it. Eliminate unwanted e-mail SPAM. Yup that’s what it said.

First let me apologize for any of you that got this e-mail
from me. I did NOT send it and did NOT authorize it.

This courtesy message is being sent to you as a contact in
my address book.

It is to notify you that I have installed SPAM | BAR, an
Anti Spam filter, on my incoming mail.

As long as you write to me using this particular address,
your messages will come straight through to my mail in-box.

If, however, at any time you should write to me using a
different e-mail address to this one, the SPAM | BAR program
will reply to you asking you to confirm you are a real
person, and not a “Spammer”.

For further information on SPAM | BAR or to obtain a
courtesy copy please check out:


On a recommendation of a friend, I agreed to look at this
program for them. I looked at everything on the SpamBar
site and e-mailed them with several questions as well as
some concerns. They e-mailed back assuring me that I was
wrong about their product and would be happy with it. I
installed it and set it up on an account that is seldom
used just in case (still not trusting the program) it did
to me what another one did previously, deleted a lot of
important mail.

After following the instructions and being assured that the
program was not invasive it was time to check my e-mail. I
started Outlook Express (I have 23 e-mail accounts) and
went about some other things away from the Puter while my
e-mail downloaded (I normally do this because who wants to
sit and watch your download screen).

When I came back to the Puter it was trying to send out 758
messages. I caught it at 123 sent and stopped it. That was
the first part of this Anti-Spam nightmare. Again I am sorry
some of you got this unauthorized message. The Damned thing
had taken over Outlook Express like a VIRUS. It took over
all of my accounts instead of the one I indicated in the
set-up, automatically Spawned a SPAM to my entire Address
Book, blocked most of my incoming mail sending it to a
folder somewhere on my hard drive, that I finally found,
and was able to recover.

The nightmare didn’t stop here. But I won’t go into the rest
of the details here. Let me say this, I have uncovered many
bad things about SPAM BLOCKERS over the last several months
and found out things that will curl your hair even if you
are bald. The result is that I will be writing a new E-Book
exposing all the garbage and damage these programs can do
to your e-mail and E-Business. The E-Book will be out within
3 weeks, it will be $3.00 to cover the additional costs we
will have in production and bandwidth. It is a must read for
anyone with a Puter. Yup I have about 30% of it done already
so we can get it out.

You will want a copy and this is important enough that you
should share it with everyone you know (unless you have
someone you want to get even with. Then recommend an ANTI-
SPAM program and screw them good). We are going to make it
re-brandable so you can sponsor it and get it out to your
visitors and customers. It is time to stop this Internet
Dictatorship. With your help, we can get this out where
folks can see what is happening to them.

Please do a couple of things for us.

1. Forward this Ezine to your friends, family and
subscribers if you have an Ezine.

2. Give us your feedback at the new Puter Tutor Message

3. If you have a story that will fit this please send it
to me so it can be considered for addition to the
E-Book. Don’t procrastinate. We want this E-Book out
ASAP (deadline 3 weeks) Include your signature for
publication. mailto:e-books@makemoneyhowto.com

4. Don’t install any ANTI-SPAM software on your Puter
until you have read the E-Book. Then you won’t want
to. If you have any, get rid of it.

If you want to eliminate senders just use the Block Sender
in your e-mail program or use filters. We will show you how
in the E-Book.

Happy Putering,
Mike and Gail

About the Author

Mike Smith, owner of CM/YMTC, and author of the Free “Easy Guide
Series, has extensive experience with computers and the Internet,
and is always willing to answer any questions about computers,
software or anything related to E-Business.
mailto:mike@makemoneyhowto.com His latest venture offers
beginners a 4-page customizeable Website for a
remarkably small investment. http://cmymtc.com/index1.htm

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