Anxious for Autumn

Written By: Maricon Williams

P22 Stanyan Autumn, as discussed in its website, is a set of three fonts based upon a casual hand lettering text created by Anthony Goldschmidt for the deluxe 1969 edition of the book”…and autumn came” by Rod McKuen. The casual hand lettering style works well at all sizes but especially large settings. 62 extras in this font include images of autumn leaves, snippets of pastoral scenes, and various McKuen-related icons.

The 62 extras in the P22 collection was adapted from various McKuen works by Richard Kegler for use as picture font elements. They are based on original drawings by Rod McKuen, Anthony Goldschmidt, and Hy Fujita.

On the other hand, Rod McKuen, as divulged in his website www.mckuen.com, as the most avid of his of fans throughout the world already know, has kept the lowest of profiles during the past decade or so. New projects such as the Golden Age of Music series of CD’s for Laserlight have kept him busy with only the odd public appearance, in such shows as the tribute to Frank Sinatra at Carnegie Hall in 1997, the odd ‘voice over’ on a television ad or Disney series reminded “McKuenites” that he was still around and performing.

Richard Kegler, as written in myfonts.com was born in Buffalo, NY in 1965. He was a senior partner and founder of P22 type foundry. For years before P22 became a real type designing entity, Mr. Kegler had been involved in various aspects of the book arts ranging from hand-binding and hand printing to hypertext. His varied interest in the history and processes of art and design initially seemed to have little in common with interests in up-and-coming technologies, but more and more there seemed to be much common ground that could be found. This meeting of old and new has become the premise of P22s collection of fonts. With so much history overlooked and so much potential for new technologies, Mr. Kegler sees no limit to future projects.

In the article Stanyan Autumn New font inspired by “Autumn”, it stated that Stanyan Autumn has already been used on the latest Rod McKuen book “Rusting in the Rain – New & Selected Poems” as the text font for all of the poems.

A special selection of audio tracks as MP3 files is included as a special bonus for licensors of the Autumn font set. Tracks are downloadable at www.p22.com.

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