Approaching Women, Building Confidence

Written By: Cher Sern Lim

How To Start Building The Self Confidence You Need. Approaching And Dating Women Successfully Starts Here.

So now that you have all the tips you need to start dating women, what do you do next? Start approaching and asking women out for dates of course! If you are having problems approaching women then there are a few things you need to pick up before you can be truly successful at dating women.

Firstly, approaching and meeting women is easy once you have the confidence to do so. In fact, you could even say that women are naturally attracted to confident men. So if you want to start approaching women and getting dates more successfully there is definitely one thing you need, self confidence.

Its actually a known fact that women are attracted to men who are confident. (Do note though that confidence is very different from arrogance. Arrogance is a big turn off. Confidence is not.) So before you start dating women you have to ask yourself, are you a confident guy? If the answer is maybe or no, then you have to build up your confidence if you want to truly enjoy dating and women.

If you are not naturally confident its okay because like everything else, confidence can be faked or built. Building confidence isnt hard but you will have to understand that its not something you can achieve overnight. Having self confidence is like a habit that you cultivate until instead of making an effort to pretend to be confident, you will become naturally confident.

For example, when you first started riding a bike you were not confident of going to fast because you were afraid of falling. But after time and practice, you can now take on bumps and turns at speeds you werent able to before. This is because you are now more confident of your skill at riding the bike. This same example applies in real life.

Building up your confidence in approaching women isnt a piece of cake. But its not as hard as you would imagine either. You can try building your self confidence by walking up to any woman and trying to make small talk with her. This can be a granny at the park or a lady at the store. Whether or not these are women youd even think of dating, try just getting the courage to walk up to them to start up a conversation. Practice this every single day and the more you do it, the better you will be at it. And as you get more confident in yourself and your abilities, start to meet and talk with women who are more and more attractive!

Its not a confidence building method that will work overnight but this way you will soon be confident enough to approach absolutely gorgeous women! Approaching women and asking them out for dates will be easy after all this practice. And if youre as confident as you can be, dont be surprised when you naturally attract women without having to lift a finger.

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