Are Popins Better Than Banners Or Popunders?

Written By: John Iacovakis

In the past, website directories, online classifieds, safe lists and banner ads were all terrific ways to obtain website traffic. But the Internet is a dynamic medium that is constantly changing. And some methods just havent been able to keep up.

On top of that, cost-per-click advertising is costing todays entrepreneurs as much as several dollars per visitor!

Search engine optimisation is a long-term strategy, costing thousands of dollars (unless you do it yourself) but results are not guaranteed

Pop Under advertising campaigns are cheap but you have to know how to properly set-up a pop under campaign.

In my opinion, PopIn (layer) ads are a terrific (and cheap) way to attract the attention of thousands of visitors:

PopIn ads receive a click trough rate of 1% – 2.0% (some popin layer ads receive a CTR of up to 5%)

Banner ads receive a click trough rate of 0.2% – 0.6% (some banner ads receive a CTR of up to 2%)

That means that if your PopIn ad receives a CTR of 2%, a 100.000 PopIn impressions campaign (avg. cost: $200,00) will bring 2.000 (targeted) visitors to your web site with a cost per targeted visitor of $0.10 only.

Targeted visitors are people that have clicked on your ad to visit your site. These are visitors that already have some idea of what your site offers and have come to look for more information.

Do a search on Google or Yahoo for PopIn Advertising to find companies offering this type of advertising.

Tips for a successful ad: Use a catchy headline, a dark background and offer something of value for free to motivate the viewers to click trough to your website.

About the Author

John Iacovakis is an Internet consultant and has over 10 years
of marketing experience. He is the owner of CreativeNet Online Advertising

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