Are Reciprocal Links Dead?

Written By: Tom Henricks

Is reciprocal Linking dead?
I just read an article at SitePro News that really rings my bell.
It was written by Mike Banks Valentine. Obviously being a very successful webmaster, one must pay attention to his words and his most recent article really mirrors my thoughts.
Having just completed constructing a new website for my personal use, I have been looking for optimization improvements.

The current rage is reciprocal linking so I went about searching for some reciprocal links. To my dismay I discovered websites that contained lists of links in directories that appear nearly useless as far as pointing potential customers to my site. I completed arrangements for link swaps with a few, only to go back and find it impossible to find my link.
Caught up in the frenzy, I had begun to get drawn in to this game. Then I took a step backward. This craziness cant be adding anything of value to any of these websites. Should I participate anymore? I think not.
However it was reading Mikes words this morning that brought home the point that was nagging away at me and sitting in some little corner of my head.
This cant be a good thing and it cant hold up as a relevant marker for search engine ranking. What I am seeing is just too ridiculous.
I am an amateur webmaster by world standards but I dont like to be a gimmick man. I would really like my website to stand on its own two feet and have it judged by what you are reading. This links thing appeared to be a farce to me. Im not into a bunch of flash and I wont rely on gimmicks.

Does that mean my website will never make it?
I dont think so. I will work on the important things and pay attention to the credible things. Mikes efforts and words will stand the test of time. I am sure of that. Gimmicks will come and go. I may not be making the best of what seems like the magic bullet but I will work to improve the aspects that will stand the test of time.

Does that mean it will take longer to rank well?
Maybe, but once it gets there, it shouldnt quickly go away simply because some gimmick that I utilized has been banished. It should stand the test of time!

Will I take more pride in my accomplishment?
Definitely yes. I realize that in this day and age of competition that pride may not be a factor. It is all about money and do it fast. I still believe there is a place for pride. And to repeat Mikes words put some content in your website. I bet it will bring more return viewers to your site. If they have found something of value, they will return to it.

Lets get it back to Pride and Quality.
Let your investment Stand the test of time!

Tom Henricks

About the Author

Tom is a small website builder and also a licenced fishing guide in Ontario Canada.

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