Are Surf For Money Ventures For You?

Written By: Reggie Andersen

What Does Surf For Money Really Mean?

If you’ve been in any internet circles within the last eight years you’ve probably been approached by an eager “surfer” wanting you to register for a surf for money or surf for cash program. What exactly are those and are they profitable? Let’s see.

Basically surf for money programs are advertising programs that allow their members to participate. The member makes money by watching the advertisements in a surf rotation, and makes a commission from doing so.

In most of these programs, the member also makes an income from telling others about it, and they then can sign up, using the member’s referral link.

Do members have to actually open the advertised sites, or just watch them appear?

In some current surf for money programs, the advertised sites do not necessarily have to be viewed, however the catch is there are oftentimes sites of interest that may not be a nuisance to learn from – or be entertained by.

With more advanced scripting in use, viewers are given the option of opening any site of interest in another window while not losing their place in the site rotation so the quota for the day can be reached.

Auto-surf is a new option in some control panel menus that allow the member to “visit” websites with a new site automatically loading every 20 seconds. No clicking involved.

After the member has finished surfing, the member’s page is refreshed manually and credit is placed on his/her account. Depending on the level of investment, more or less sites must be surfed involving more or less time of the member.

Reputable surf for money or surf for cash programs disallow pornographic sites or those utilizing pop-ups or abusive language.

How is the Surf For Money Member Paid?

Often these programs use third-party gateway payment systems such as Paypal and still others use an in-house payment processor.

Additional Surf for Money Concepts

Members who have their own commercial interests to promote can also accrue advertising “credits” towards free “hits” for other surfers in the same program to visit. This allows people to
advertise their sites to an audience of potential customers for
free or at a low cost. When a site is listed, it can be placed
into a rotation system. There’s also the option to buy more credits and banner ads.

But Are Surf For Cash Programs For You?

It can’t be denied that anything associated with referral marketing has been given a bad name because of greedy administrators and even greedier users who try to spam the system in one’s favor. In fact, one popular surf for money program has been in internet news for failure to process pay-outs. (Sorry, it can’t be listed for legal reasons).

However, the concept of surf for money is solid and when properly employed can earn a member a few coins. Especially if the integrity of the company is sound – but remember that principle applies to any business venture.

The popularity and feedback from enthusiastic users of surf for money programs attests to its potential and has helped more than some meet their advertising goals. And reputable surf for cash companies allow a money back guarantee. The Terms and Conditions are to protect both parties and to ensure everyone knows what their obligations are.

So there you have it! If there’s no investment and the risk is low, perhaps surf for money is for you.

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