Are We Diluting Our Own Profits…

Written By: John Evans

“Are We Diluting Our Own Profits…
With Too Many ‘Bonuses’?”
copyright 2001 John Evans

When we offer something for sale, it’s a great
incentive to give a bonus to the purchaser. It
makes buyers feel good about buying from us, and
it makes us feel good that we have given something
of real value.

When ebooks started coming out, many were free, while
others had to be purchased. They all, of course, are
(usually) valuable in their content, and also valuable
to the author. Why to the author? Simply because the
ebook carried the author’s messages, or links, which is
the main reason for an ebook in the first place.

But somewhere along the line, the whole idea of bonuses
seems to have gotten out of hand. How? Follow this

Marketer #1 writes an ebook, selling it for $17.95.
As a bonus for ordering, you also receive 2 more ebooks,
free if charge.

Not bad, so far.

But then, along comes Marketer #2, who buys from #1,
and ADDS 3 more bonuses to the ebook offer. Now we can
receive 5 bonuses for our $17.95 purchase. Marketer #3
now buys the package from #2, adds yet another 5 bonuses,
for a total of 10 bonuses. And on, and on, and on.

I’ve seen packages out there that are giving 15 and
20 bonuses with your purchase.

Then, of course, some of those original $17.95 ebooks
are finding there way into these ‘packages.’ The very
same ebooks that many of us are still trying to sell.

How many of those $17.95 ebooks have you seen “on sale”
for $1.00? Or given away free? Plus umpteen bonuses?

To me, that’s really diluting the profits of everyone
trying to sell ebooks. There’s always someone willing
to ‘give away the store’, in an effort to knock out
the competition.

There are some ebook authors out there, though, that
seem to have the right idea. When their ebook is
purchased, there is a stipulation that the ebook CANNOT
(between 2 price ranges).

But, even then, I’ve seen these very same ebooks being
GIVEN, and RE-PACKAGED against the author’s wishes.
And this, as I see it, violates the author’s copyright.

Bonuses are great instruments if used correctly.

But ARE we?

copyright2001-02 John Evans
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