Are You a Candidate for Carpal Tunnel or Other Problems?

Written By: Pauliina Roe

Do you realize how many people have health problems due to working
on their computers, with a less than optimal set-up? Ergonomics is a
big concern, but America is still behind in appreciating the concept.
We have better back stores and such, but people usually do not take
the entire computer set-up into consideration. There are definite
orientations of the equipment which should be made – and can make
a big difference in avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome, neck and back
strain, and other problems.

Your Seat should be adjustable – in height, in swivel, in the armrest.
You need to be able to change your position a bit throughout your day.
Your legs should rest so the bottom of your foot rests on the floor or a
footrest, with the back of the knee slightly higher than the height of
the chair seat. The armrest should support the forearms comfortably,
and not interfere with movement.

Your Monitor should be directly in front of you, at a height so the
top line of the monitor screen is at your eye level. You should be
viewing it from at least 18-24 inches away.

Your Keyboard should be directly in front of you. The height should
be so the elbow is at the side of the body and comfortable, with
relaxed shoulders, and the wrist flat. Your forearm should be parallel
to the floor with the elbows to the side. You might want to try using
the new hilly keyboards with the keys placed in optimal positions for
better typing – it seems to relieve stress for many people – the fingers
align better with the keys so there is less stretching.

Your Mouse should be directly to the side with your arm close to
your body, with no reaching. Your arm should have a straight line
from your hand to your forearm. The wrist should not be elevated.
There is a great mouse positioner and even a cordless mouse that
can help the situation – at http:/ rack.ezinetactics.com/?id=sisugal-4547

Laptops are a poor design for comfort. Ergonomically speaking – they
are awful. It is tough to position it to a comfortable or ergonomically
ideal position, not to mention getting the heat off! To adjust the laptop
in as comfortable, and as ergonomically correct position as is possible,
you should look into the LapGenie laptop desk. It takes the heat off
your lap and puts the laptop in a good working position. See the
LapGenie at http://doubleii.com/LapGenie.html

Using all the above suggestions, you should be able to avoid many
problems that result from improper ergonomic conditions. Adjust
your office settings for optimal ergonomic conditions. If only
Americans would get into the ergonomic mindset like the Canadians
do – we’d have less problems!

About the Author

Pauliina Roe shows people how to better orient their computer set-ups
for ergonomic benefit. She gives total computer related support, both
online and offline (in the Denver area). You can find out more
computer related support and get more ergonomic information
updates at http://doubleii.com/computercomfort.htm

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