Are you able to access files with the power of your mind? Yes!

Written By: Konstantin Artemev

Qwerty Studios is proud to announce the first release of SunGlance, a revolutionary program with elements of artificial intelligence that gives you a wonderful ability to get documents you want or run programs you need within several seconds since you firstly think about them. SunGlance utilizes results of original research in computer human interaction and human perception to increase efficiency of documents-related work up to 30 percents.

What do you do when you want to open a file or run a program you need? In most cases, you start on your journey through numerous folders and subfolders or wander about countless items in Start menu. Do you remember such situations when you have even forgotten what you need while searching for the necessary file in the thorny tree of your file system? People all over the world spend horrific amount of time in “folder plays”. It is our common problem. However, why should we think about such things as file placement while sitting in front of a powerful instrument like modern computer?

New century needs new solutions. Fancy another picture. Suppose you want to open some document. Of course, you know its name or some part of name. You click with middle mouse button or double-press CTRL key and quickly type the name of the file you need. You do not ever guess about where this file could be. It is up to computer to figure it out. Less than in a second you get exactly the very thing you need. Maybe there are thousands of files with similar names but you always see exactly what you need. It sounds like science fiction. However, this is reality. The name of this reality is SunGlance.

The core parts of SunGlance are powerful file indexing engine and heuristic module based on fuzzy logic. Unlike other similar solutions, SunGlance indexes average hard disk in several minutes. It needs to index your hard disk only once. After that, SunGlance monitors and reflects all changes in your file system instantly. File indexing engine also works with removable media like USB-drives, CD and DVD disks, etc. The search itself commonly takes less then one second even on large hard disk. The main task of heuristic module is to select the most appropriate files and take them at the top of results’ list. SunGlance calculates the overall relevance of each result depending on string relevance, date and time of last access, usage frequency of exact this file and files of such type and a lot of secondary parameters. Consequently, you will find the needed file within first ten results in the most of queries.

Here is what Alex Udodov, the leader of Qwerty Studios’ beta-testing group, says about the program: “When I first saw SunGlance, I was astonished at simplicity and brilliance of this idea. Why didn’t anybody think about it before? You see, it is so natural to access files and programs by their names and don’t ever think about their placement. Present-day operating systems make people ask “Where?” rather than “What?” when we want to open or run something. However, file system or Start menu is not like your street or native town – there are much less reference points. One folder is very similar to other folders; one submenu is like many other submenus. There are no differing details that human’s eye can catch and memory can keep. It is not surprising that even people who have been working with computer for many years can’t remember, where they placed the file they’ve just downloaded or where they saved a very important document yesterday or where some program is situated. Standard search techniques can do nothing with it. They are annoyingly slow and just perform a silly search while we need a clever tool to instantly access files we need. SunGlance is the first and unique complete solution of this problem. Now it is constant inhabitant in my computer. I can’t imagine a comfort work without it.”

With SunGlance, you can not only access documents, programs and other files extremely fast but also perform all standard and several nonstandard operations with them:

•Move, copy and rename files
•Drag & Drop files to any locations or other programs
•Quickly view such file details as full path, system description, age, date of last access, size, etc.
•Work with file’s parent folder
•Limit query results to folders with given name or files with given extension

Do you still want to spend up to 30 percent of working hours on tiresome search of the necessary files and programs? When you try SunGlance, you will see that there are more pleasant ways to spend this time rather than play with folders. SunGlance is available for Windows 98/NT/Me/2000/XP/2003 and priced at $29.95 (USD). You can download the fully functional evaluation version of the program at http://www.QwertyStudios.com/sg/SunGlance.exe

About Qwerty Studios

Founded in 2002, Qwerty Studios mainly concentrates on developing new methods of computer human interaction and conducts researches in this area. The company has a team of psychologists and usability experts that try to make a fresh glance at the computer interface design. Our ultimate mission is to turn computer into powerful and smart tool. Let’s disprove a saying that computer can solve only problems that hadn’t existed before its invention together!

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Direct download link: http://www.QwertyStudios.com/sg/SunGlance.exe
Product page: http://www.QwertyStudios.com/sg/product.html
E-mail: info@qwertystudios.com
Web: http://www.QwertyStudios.com

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