Are YOU Addicted to Email?

Written By: Kurt Geer

When you walk into the office or house, do you
hurry past the secretary or wife and go straight to
the computer to check your email for any sales?

Is your better half clueless about what you are doing
on the computer and calling it Roxanne or Richard?

Do you shake the kids off your leg and step on the dog
to get to the computer?

Can’t get any work done without checking your mail
every 15 minutes?

Are you disappointed when your in box is empty?

“I’ll be off in a few minutes” you say and an hour
later you are still on.

If you are guilty of any of the above repeat after me:


Say it out loud this time!


You have just taken the first step on your way to
recovery with Email Anonymous (EA :)

Unless you are making $150 to $300 a day you are addicted
to email, and if you are you still need to do something
about it. There really is no reason to be checking for a
sale every 15 minutes or so. You don’t need to jeopardize
your relationships constantly being on the BEAST!

Here are some tips and pointers to try to ease the pain
of being an email junkie.

* Take a break for a day. A whole day without the computer.
If you need to plan it and then DO IT. Your business will
survive and you will come back to the computer with a fresh

* Set certain times of the day to check your email -
3 times max morning, noon and night.( If you are checking
every 5 minutes delay it and try to make it 10 and then 15.
If you get over the first urge you can make it.)

* If you feel the urge to check your email, get up and take
a break from your PC station, exercise and walk around.

* Set up your email program’s filters to put your email in
certain folders and systematically go through your folders 1
at a time starting with the important ones first.

* Set up your email program with your sig files, ads and
other templates you use to make it easier and faster with
the time you spend on reading and writing email. Make you
emails short and to the point. If you do most of your
marketing by email set up blocks of time to get it done.

* If you need to, completely shut off your email program
when you are working on important projects. Cold Turkey is
sometimes the best and quickest way to break habits. And
remember, when habits hurt YOU change them.

About the Author

Kurt Geer
If you’ve been surfing 7 days, 7 months or 7 years
(70 years? Your name must be Al Gore)
You’ll find something of value at http://NewbiesNet.com.

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