Are You Building Your Internet Presence Or Are You Just Working Programs?

Written By: Lois Thompson

There is no question that the Internet is the all time
gold mine of wealth to anyone. Some of us are
obtaining it and in abundance while others of us are
just getting by. Why is that?

That’s a question I had to answer for myself after a
few years of working very long, hard hours on the
Internet, vigorously pursuing any program that offered
me the opportunity to financial freedom.

After a few years of unrealized dreams, I decided to
step back and really study the superhighway.

One of the questions I asked myself: was this web
working against me (at the time it appeared that way),
or was it that I did not understand it or it’s
requirements for getting me to my destination. So, I
began to research.

As I studied the various changes on the internet over
a five year period I realized that, This Internet Is
Changing And It’s Changing Fast! From my research I
also discovered that those who were making money and
loads of it through the internet, all had a few
things in common.

The one that I want to talk about today, is by far the
most important! It’s A Must!

If you are attempting to succeed on the Internet for
the long term, them you must begin to build your
internet presence. And the first step in doing so is
in getting you own www.yourowndomainname.com.

Having a domain is not mandatory to the gurus and
exempt for those working affiliate programs or
promoting any type of small start-up business
endeavor. No! it is mandatory for all, if we are to
steak a place on this superhighway.

Having your own name domain identifies you uniquely
from any other and establishes your place on the
superhighway. A Domain Name Is Of Extreme Value And
Essential To Your Online Success! and not having one
would be like committing web suicide for your

Free web sites are no longer effective. They not only
do not look professional, but rank much lower with
most major search engines and some search engines
restrict them.

The average internet user is: intelligent, college
educated, has a Visa/MasterCard, seeks instant
gratification and is anxious to do business. They too
want in on this gold rush. But, they are reluctant to
spending their money where there is not a solid sense
of established credibility.

They are your present and future success. Since they
cannot physically sum up you business legitimacy and
credibility, they will do so visually and
intellectually through your web presence.

Again, your own domain name is extremely valuable. It
can serve as your own product or brand name on the

Let’s do brainstorming for your domain name.
Here are some pointers in choosing your domain name:

1). Choose a name which reflects and promotes your

2). Choose names that are catchy phrases. Why? they
are easy for people to remember, therefore
to identify you with. But they are also a great
investment. Had you or I registered a catchy
domain name like ‘ bingo.com ‘ we would have
retired very rich. That name was sold at auction

for a few million dollars, and it cost
less than $100 to register it for 2 years.

3). Register names which are Keyword rich. This can
greatly improve your search engine ranking,
simply be using keywords in your domain name.

4). How about your own name, it is unique to you.

5). Of course, if you currently have a domain with
one of the shorter 23 character or less, or a
.net, .org, by all means register a new longer
keyword loaded name. Now you can register a
domain name with up to 67 characters. It is
reported that there are more searches for .com,
that any other.

Before registering your domain name you will need to
check it’s availability in ‘whois.’ You can do so

Now, with having your domain, there are many options
for building your web site. There are pre-designed
domain web sites, saving lots of money and time over
custom built ones. They allow you to add your own
ideas, pictures or links to your current business
and/or program. But, you may choose to have one custom
designed. Both of these services can be obtained at a
very reasonable cost. You can find more information on
that here:

With over 80 million Internet surfers on the Web each
day, it is inevitable, all serious entrepreneurs will
need a domain web site. It is reported that there are
50,000 domain names being registered each and every
day. That’s over 1,500,000 per month and growing.

How many of those could you sell while more
effectively promoting your current business/program?
While at it, why not sell Web site services? Everyone
coming on the Internet with any intentions of making
it big and staying the course will be in need of these
same services too.

About the Author

Lois Thompson of Prudco Marketing.
Lois is a Web Consultant and moderator of
buildingwealth eGroup.
mailto: byipwebservices@freeautobot.com

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