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Written By: Sanjib Ahmad

A website without fresh content is a stagnant website. Generating constant fresh content everyday can be a difficult task. Among other methods, articles are a great way to add new content. The “Article Equalizer” software claims to do exactly that – generate fresh content and pages to your site from selected articles.

As a webmaster you have many things to do: you have to manage services, provide customer support, reply to emails, maintain websites and more. The more automated you can make your daily tasks, the more productive you can be.

The process with Article Equalizer works as below:

1. Run the software “Article Equalizer”
2. Choose a data source and category has to be chosen (for example, Computers and Internet)
3. The software collects up to 1000 articles
4. It generate pages from selected articles
5. You then upload final pages to your website

I think a product like “Article Equalizer” can minimize a webmaster’s daily work schedule. Therefore it might be possible for a webmaster to:

* Create content-rich and large sites
* Tap into a continuous supply of targeted content
* Automatically insert content into pre-designed site templates
* Keep a site fresh by adding new content regularly

I remember that I was so busy with client work that I could not update my website for 2 months. Slowly my traffic started declining, and when my client work was finished I didn’t have anything new to work on. I hope you can avoid similar mistakes.

For more information on this product you can visit http://computer-internet.marc8.com/ebook-info.php/name/article_equalizer/toc_id/6-0-6-4/

About the Author

About the Author
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