Article Marketing For Search Engine Traffic

Written By: Richard Rose

There are sites on the net that serve tons of traffic everyday. Traffic you wish you had, right?

The web is made up of billions of links, much like a spiders web but on a larger scale. Search engines spider the web looking for new content to add to their massive databases so they can rank how relevant it is to particular search phrases.

What are the search engines looking for?

New content! In order for any search engine to provide relevant results to their visitors (so their visitors will repeatedly use them) they must provide the best results possible for every search performed on their site.

The best search engine gets more traffic and more traffic means more advertising money for them – so search engines have to be up to date to stay competitive in their market.

The big sites on the net, people, who have page rankings of 5 upwards, obviously serve a ton of visitors per day, provide search engines with a mass of links to follow and index. Thats why they go back to the big sites more often than the little ones.

High traffic, very popular sites are visited by the search engine robots more often than sites with little traffic. Some large sites are visited by search engines as much as 2-4 times per month.

How can article marketing increase your search engine traffic?

By submitting articles you can get links from these high traffic sites. Furthermore you can optimize your articles with your search terms to get high rankings for that particular page. This would otherwise take weeks on a new site as oppose to a well established one such as this.

Each of these sites will have its own resource area, at the end of the article, writers include a bit of Author information on where to find out more about them. Place your website link in here and bobs your uncle the search engines will find your site through that link.

The more articles you submit with your website link in them, the more pages on the net you have pointing to you from high traffic sites and the better your ranking and link popularity.

Many good article sites these days create RSS feeds for each category. This provides an additional opportunity to market your site and article to people who subscribe to the feeds.

Start submitting your articles today. You will be amazed at the results they yield.

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Source: www.isnare.com

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