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M6.net New Control Panel

The flexibility and automation once only available on Unix servers is now available on Windows 2000 servers

M6.net is a strong and reliable web hosting company who realizes that innovation and development are key aspects to meeting the rapid growth of the fast paced web hosting industry. To meet the high demands of this industry M6.net is releasing a new automated, feature rich and customizable control panel. With the click of a mouse, clients themselves are able to administer every aspect of their M6.net web account.

Here are just some of the features offered in the control panel.

Automated Support Request System Requesting support from the technical support team could not be easier than using the new automated support request system. Select your query type; follow our easy to use wizard and you will be amazed at how fast your problem is solved. Our automated support robots will diagnose and try to fix your problem on the spot. You will then be presented with relevant documentation and your query will be listed for our technical support people to look into.

File Manager The File Manager is an easy to use interface much like Windows Explorer allowing you to manage your accounts directory. Now you can have control over permissions on Windows 2000 just like you can on Unix based servers. In the file manager you can alter permissions on directories which means you do not have to wait for a technical support person to do it for you. You can also add and remove folders; view, delete, upload, create and edit files within your directory.

Customize Control Panel Customizing the control panel means you can resell accounts knowing that your identity will stand out and people will never know you are using M6.net. You can customize the appearance of your control panel to suit your own individual requirements. You can add your own header and footer; customize the color of the background and font; and, even specify the font size and type.

Search Engine Submissions Just fill in the form provided and M6.net will submit your web site to over 400 top ranking search engines.

Database Administration Provides full administration for both MS SQL and MS Access databases. Allowing you to add, upload and delete databases, and also, to create and remove ODBC connections.

Resale Account Administration If you are a reseller you have the option of having your control panel set up with administrative control over your resale accounts. You can create and delete resale accounts; view and reply to your clients support requests and login and customize your resale accounts control panel. Plus all your clients will be given their own control panel.

Statistics You can view real time statistics for each of your web sites. You can see who is on your site right now, what pages they viewed, how long they viewed them for and a whole lot more. At the same time, our stats databases will maintain a history of your statistics so you can compare activity of your web site over time.

Install Custom Components Have you built your own components in Visual Basic, C++ or Delphi? You can upload and install your own custom components (*.dll files) to the server your web site is on, directly via the control panel.

Domain Administration You can easily create and remove domains from your account. When you create a domain you have the option of setting up any of the following for that domain: DNS record, Mail Server, Web Site, FrontPage extensions and an FTP login.

FTP Administration You can add and remove FTP logins to your account. You can specify exactly what part of your directory the login will have access to and what part of the directory the login will not have access to.

User Administration If you need to create a new user to administer as part of your account such as a domain or directory you can easily add them using the control panel. You also have the option of removing any user you dont need from your account.

When developing the control panel, M6.net used the latest Microsoft technology and employed a dedicated development team, the result being a user friendly, fully featured, control panel on an advanced stable backend. By using the control panel not only can you easily manage every aspect of your account with just a click of a mouse, you have the freedom to administer your account to your own individual requirements.

Contact M6.net at info@m6.net for more information about the Control Panel and the release date. We will be very happy to brief you on this great new revolutionary product, answering all questions you may have.

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