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Written By: Kham Tran

In the last couple of years Australians have been hit with a barrage of online advertisements by search engines trying to get us to download their toolbars. Many are feature packed with pop up blockers, spell checkers, customisable buttons and quick links to news, weather forecasts and other useful tools.

So which one is the best? It comes down to the search engine you most regularly use and what features you consider most important.

The Ansearch Toolbar for instance, allows you to refine your search based on gender and age which is very cool. It also comes with quick links to weather forecasts which I find very useful.

The Google Toolbar features a spell check and dictionary which is very appealing students and anyone else who regularly uses the Internet for research.

If you’re still not too sure which one to install, just try them all out and then make your decision. It’s simply a matter of uninstalling the ones you don’t find useful.

Google Australia Toolbar
– Ansearch Australia Toolbar
Yahoo Australia & New Zealand Toolbar
ninemsn Toolbar
– Sensis Toolbar
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