Autocomplete Passwords – How To Clear Stored Passwords

Written By: Angela Daley

“I asked Windows to remember a password for a website I visited in the past. Now I don’t want Windows to remember the password anymore. How do I clear this setting?”

That was the question my frantic customer needed answered before he left for vacation. He didn’t want to leave his desktop behind unprotected. Internet Explorer has an autocomplete feature that prompts you when you first type a user name and password on a web page. This can be a very convenient feature but if anyone else uses your PC, it isn’t very secure. Clearing these settings is quite easy however:

– On the Tools menu, click Internet Options. – Click the Content tab. – Click AutoComplete. – Click Clear Passwords,click OK, and click OK again.

Internet Explorer will also automatically complete your name, address, web addresses and other information that you type in the address bar or on web site forms. The options to turn this feature on and off or to clear these entries can also be found by following the steps above.

If you use FireFox, the same types of settings can be found by clicking Tools, Options, and then selecting the Privacy tab. Finally, for you Netscape users, click Tools and then select either Password Manager or Forms Manager.
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