Automation – The Solution for many Webmasters

Written By: VMT Singuillo

Are you one of the new webmasters or one of the new website owners? Are you primarily involved in e-commerce? If you are, probably by now you have realized that building a website alone takes a full time job. And how much more for marketing your website?

As a webmaster or a website owner, your primary aim is to bring in more traffic to your site especially qualified traffic. What we mean by qualified traffic are visitors who visit your site and are ready to buy your products, information, or services. Ultimately, with more qualified traffic to your site, you want to generate more sales!

Let us try to examine what webmasters and website owners usually do. Suppose, you are offering free newsletter subscription to your visitors from your site. If you have one subscriber, sending one email is not a problem. If you have two or three opt-in subscribers, still it is not a hassle. What if you already have 100 or more subscribers? To personalize each email, your task is to keep on changing the names of the “To: ” section everytime you send an email to one and change to another. Isn’t that time consuming?

What if in your opt-in email subscribers, ten or more would request for removal from your emailing list, this procedure alone and updating your email list is going to eat a large chunk of your time isn’t it?

Another situation when you are already generating sales is accounting. Everytime you have an order, probably you have already noticed that manually transferring one data from your website to your accounting program can also be time consuming. This is evidently true if you are already generating twenty or more sales a day! Can you do it yourself? Are you ready to hire another person to do it for you? Can you afford to start hiring somebody – an addition to your overhead expense? If your answer is “NO”, there is still a solution to this.

Automation! We refer to automation by using tools that can shorten your routine procedures to save you more time to do something more worth doing!

Another example of a time consuming situation is marketing. Let us suppose you would like to exchange links with other websites. Doing it manually is time consuming. Probably you are trying to land first page on a particular keyword in a search engine. Remember, competition is becoming very tough, and you need to increase your link popularity to do this. Manually doing reciprocal links is a very tedious task. The solution, get a tool to do this. One such particular tool is zeus which is available at www.zeusmarketingrobot.com.

It is a fact that online marketing is not a quick rich scheme. It takes time, a lot of effort, and patience to develop your website and market it. Working hard is not just the only thing to do, you also need to work wisely. You need to leverage your time and effort by automating the bulk of your routinary marketing strategy.

To every problem, there is a solution. And automation is one solution for many webmasters.

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VMT Singuillo is a freelance writer and has written articles for www.yourcheaphotels.com, www.an-airline-ticket.com, www.cheaphotelsforyou.com and more.

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