Avoid being accused of spamming – 2 email marketing tips

Written By: Ashley Keane

Don’t be wrongly accused of spamming again.

Avoid having your email messages instantly deleted by your subscribers. If your emails are confused as spam, guess what, your customers won’t get a chance to read them. Your email only sometimes ends up in the spam folder or junk folder! Therefore, you must avoid these 4 common mistakes in your email marketing campaign.

1) spam-trigger words in your email messages and subject line

2) don’t remove “unsubscribes” IMMEDIATELY

3) don’t review the latest spam laws every month

4) don’t include your contact info and physical address at the end of the emails, just like the CAN-SPAM act of 2003 says.

More of your subscribers will see your emails. You’ll look like a savvy online entrepreneur because you keep up with the latest email regulations. Go ahead and use these 2 tips every time in your bulk email marketing campaign.

Tip 1) Don’t write these 10 words in your email messages and subject line, unless you back up their use with substantial information.

1- check or money order

2- 100% satisfied

3- Special promotion

4- Money-back guarantee

5- Cards accepted

6- Money back

7- Order today

8- Order now!

9- Extra income

10- Money-back guarantee

Tip 2) As a savvy online entrepreneur, you must stay on top of spam laws.

Just like you stay on top of the news and sports, be always aware of what your emails needs to have to look “legit,” not like spam. Just add www.spamlaws.com to your monthly news websites to read.

Today, make sure you read and understand the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 by visiting www.spamlaws.com/federal/108s877.shtml. By the way, did you know it stood for Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act?

For now you can do these 4 steps so your emails conform to the CAN-SPAM act of 2003:

1. Have clear instructions on how to opt out and a functioning opt-out link.

For example, “if you no longer want to receive these messages, please click on the link below” and make sure that link does work!

2. The sender’s physical address needs to be in the email message.

Usually your address is at the end of the email after your signature. If you work on your online business from an office, the office’s complete physical address needs to be in the email. If you work from home, your home address needs to be in the email.

3. Use an authentic non-misleading subject line.

Your first paragraph needs to be related to the subject line.

4. Use a consistent “from” address

Always send your emails from a specific email address. You can save time just doing it once by setting a specific email address in your autoresponder.

By avoiding the 10 spam trigger words in your email messages you’ll let your subscribers read your emails. Commercial email will get more regulated. Your legitimate emails won’t be left behind because you’re now keeping up with the latest spam laws on www.spamlaws.com!

Don’t think that knowing the latest about spam is time-consuming. Remember, your competitors might already be aware of them. You don’t want your subscribers and targeted traffic to go to them, right?
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