Written By: Evelyn Belanger

Do you remember when the idea of home shopping first hit the
Internet? We were promised the land of milk and honey …
with a cherry on top! What we got was a confusing set of
offers on products and services that we really didn’t want
or need at prices not much better than we could get at our
local store. Let’s take the confusion out of home shopping
and find out what to look for in a good home shopping club.


A home shopping club is supposed to make your life easier and
better. They are supposed to SAVE YOU MONEY. They should offer
you deep discounts. Don’t accept a low percentage off today with
the promise of a substantial discount on your next purchase.

They should bring you offers on BRAND NAME products and services.
Anyone can save you money by selling you products mostly found
at flea markets. But when you are expecting quality and used
to quality you deserve quality.

They should offer you a WIDE SELECTION. If they are not talking
BIG numbers of items, just say no. And be sure they aren’t just a
grocery store on the net. Look for a site that meets all (or almost
all) of your needs. After all, leaving the house can be good too. ;)
One way to know if they are cutting edge is to look for them to
offer things like health care as well as traditional products.

They should be EASY TO USE offering you an interface that
makes selection and checkout easy and safe. They should offer
help where it’s needed but not intrude into your life with
unwanted offers or tacky banners.

Their service should be FREE. If they want to charge you to join
up, watch out. The ones that charge will tell you that you will
make up the signing fee while they are in the Bahamas on all the
signing fees they have collected. Make them earn YOUR business
by offering their services for free.

They should be STABLE. Be cautious If they have been in
business for less than three years. And be VERY cautious
if they are a pre launch.

AS AN ADDED BONUS…. wouldn’t it be great to extend all these
discounts and offers outside the online mall? Yes, such a
possibility does exist! By being a member of such an online
mall, you should be able to enjoy vacations and wonderful
discounts for products that are on AND off the Internet!


Last but not least, they should offer you the chance to SPREAD
THE GOOD NEWS to your friends if you so desire. If they offer it
and you want it they should make entry easy for you and support
you with an experienced team every step of the way. Far too many
opportunities only want to help you AFTER you have done all the

Remember, technology is supposed to make life easier. Reject
any shopping club that is simply a computerized version of your
local paper. Find one that is free to you and offers you serious
discounts on a wide variety of brand named products run by a
stable company with an easy to use site. When you do, you will
have found a winner and will laugh all the way to the bank.

Picking a great online shopping club (with lots of off-line
benefits, too) allows you to save mounds of cash, pick up
great quality items at bulk volume pricing, and easily
congregate with your friends to save even more. Following
the above checklist will allow you to shop even smarter.

Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt if they gave you a cherry on top!

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