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If you have a DVD burner you may want to back up copies of DVDs you own. This will protect them and you will always have an extra copy if something happens to the original. Use your DVD burner to make back up copies of these new DVDs. They are some really classic discs and after you purchase them, use your DVD burner to make an extra copy.

The Rolling Stones DVD, Rock and Roll Circus, is a 1968 concert documentary. When you make a copy with your DVD burner you will have captured John Lennon, Eric Clapton, and Keith Richards jamming together on the Beatles Yer Blues. Be sure to back up The Old Grey Whistle Test with your DVD burner. This disc contains live clips from the BBC show, including Talking Heads, Bob Marley, and Bruce Springsteen. There is also rare footage of Roxy Music with Brian Eno as they play Do the Strand. Elvis Presley has a great DVD, 68 Comeback Special Deluxe Edition DVD. You can use your DVD burner to make an extra copy of this DVD and see wonderful rare footage and some interesting jam sessions.

If you own Rust Never Sleeps by Neil Young you can use your DVD burner to make a back up copy. You will capture this garage-rock band playing really cool versions of Like a Hurricane and Cortez the Killer. Wild Style is a great DVD that illustrates the early days of hip-hop in the Bronx. Make a copy of it using your DVD burner and you wont have to worry about misplacing or ruining it. Bruce Springsteen has a DVD called Blood Brothers. This project was filmed during the 1955 reunion of the E Street Band. You can see several takes of Blood Brothers and see Bruce at work in the studio. If you own this DVD you will want to make a copy using your DVD burner.

In the DVD Black and White Night, Roy Orbison plays with Springsteen, Elvis Costello and Tom Waits. This would be another good DVD to have an extra copy of. Fugazi has a video, Instrument, that documents one of Americas most principled punk rock bands. This video features a concert at Lorton Correctional Facility near D.C. Back this DVD up with your DVD burner.

Do you own Led Zeppelins DVD? Use your DVD burner to make an extra copy and make sure you always have five hours of amazing rock. There is a lot of energy in this video. The Beastie Boys have a DVD that contains eighteen videos of the group. If you have this DVD you will be able to make a remix of each video. Then you can use your DVD burner to back it all up on another copy. It may be time to own a DVD burner. The DVD burner is a necessity if you want to back up your collection of DVDs.

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