Battling Tough Spyware Applications on Your Computer

Written By: Mitch Johnson

Due to the extensive craftiness of spyware intruders, new methods have allowed spyware applications to load even while the computer is in safe mode. This stubborn quality of spyware makes the program even harder to remove because it cannot be eliminated while it is running.

As a result of these new intruding methods users have found that when switching to safe mode to remove a spyware application some are overbearing and run even in safe mode, where they should not, because the spy programs installed themselves as critical objects.

The CoolWebSearch bar, Huntbar and VX2 spyware programs developed this technique, leaving users at a loss of how to remove them. For Windows 98 and Windows ME computers you can boot to DOS and run a command line scanner that will search your hard drive and you can eliminate the files. For Windows XP users you cannot read the file from DOS but you can us Barts PE.

Barts PE is described as a stripped version of XP and it runs from a CD. The user interface of Barts PE has graphics with options to scan the entire computer with the security that the stubborn spyware is not running.

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