Becoming a Computer Trainer

Written By: Roger Younce

Have you ever attended a computer course at a computer training
center and really thought about much money they make on teaching
students? I know when I first started taking classes it just amazed
me on how much money the training centers make for teaching many of
the most popular Microsoft Office courses offered today. Of course
there is big money in certification courses, but the majority of the
home and small business users just want to learn how to use products
like Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook FrontPage and Access. That is
were the computer trainer comes in to the equation.

You see, many people do take courses at computer centers but many
don’t like to or have to travel to the centers. Some students
don’t like the large classroom environments so many don’t
even go. Don’t even get me started on Computer Based Training
(CBT) and Web Based Training (WBT) methods of teaching. Don’t
get me wrong, computer training centers are good and very attractive
to the public. Many of the centers offer very good courses and have
very knowledgeable instructors. The problem is they can’t offer
one-on-one assistance to the customer like personal computer trainer

The computer training business can be a very profitable and enjoyable
business for a new business owner. For example, no too long ago I
attended a course myself and realized I was sitting in a class full
of students. After calculating the number students by the price of
the course, I realized the center just made over $2000.00 for only
seven hours of work (the class could have been done in half that
time). That is good money for a computer trainer that could have gone
on-site and conducted the same training. Not only did the center make
over $2000.00, they did it for only one level. There were four more
levels for the same course. Someone is making some very serious
money, don’t you think?

Whether you know a lot or a little about computers, you can become a
computer trainer in not just Microsoft Office products but in a
variety of computer related fields. My advice is finding your niche
by looking at not only your talents but your passion. If you do
decide to become a computer trainer, nothing can stop you if you have
the drive and desire to be successful.

About the Author

Roger Younce owns and operates QuickLearn Computer Training Services
in Cabot, Arkansas. QuickLearn Computer Training Services offers all
types of Microsoft Office training for individual users and small
For more information visit the QuickLearn Computer Training
Services website at http://quicklearncomputertraining.com

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