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Written By: Will Mathison

As the name itself suggests, Portable Document Format (PDF) files describe documents combining text, graphics, and images that are essentially cross-platform in design. This means that they are independent of the original platform or operating system used to create them. They can run on any software, regardless of which platform they were initially created in.

Because documents are the most common means of communication, improving their effectiveness, usability, and portability have become a key challenge for most government and private businesses.

PDF file format is popular precisely because it answers all these needs. And with the increase of PDFs popularity among businesses around the world, the versatility of the PDF file converter has come into focus.

What is a PDF File Converter?

PDF file converters are a two-way conversion tool, wherein files in any format may be converted into PDF. Likewise, PDF file converters can also convert PDF files into .doc, .xls, .ppt, images, graphics, hyperlinks, texts, etc.

Why are they important?

PDF file converters are especially important since it makes lengthy file sharing a virtual thing of the past. The reason for this is PDF file converters come equipped with compression tools to keep the file at minimum byte levels. This capability of a PDF file converter greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to send documents or download them from email attachments.

Security Guaranteed

PDF file converters also have the password-protect option integrated into its programs so security can never be a problem. PDF file converters very much lessens copyright infringements as they can also change files into read-only formats or lock them to prevent unauthorized printing.

PDF file converters allows users to save on their money as they are widely available for download over the Internet at minimal, or no cost. PDF file converters also stop users from wasting their valuable time on learning the works with whole new software. With a PDF file converter, users no longer need to learn how to use Adobe.

PDF file converters let users stay within their comfort zone, that is, continue to use the program they are most comfortable with as PDF file converters can then convert these into PDF.

More Than Just Conversion Tools

Offering even the option to create PDF files via a PDF file converter printer, PDF file converters have come a long way from just a convenient conversion tool for users. More edgy new additions to the PDF file converters allow users to merge several documents into a single PDF file. This great add-ons certainly raises the notch of convenience in PDF file converters.

With these features, it is undeniable that PDF file converters add greater value and worth to the industry standard, indispensable program that is PDF.

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