Beware – Read Before you decide to do business with Registerfly.com

Written By: Mark Yeager

Here is my nightmare story about Registerfly.com…..

I started service with registerfly on 06/13/05 and paid $19.95. This was for vps-hosting. I bought 4 domain names, transferred one domain that I have owned for almost 2 years and put protectfly on all of them.

On 07/13/05 I paid $19.95 again for my second month. Then registerfly had about 40 hours of downtime in 3 days, which they later downplayed to a couple hours. I emailed them and phoned them for three days with no replies. After the system was up again 3 days later, they finally sent me an email saying the system is now online and working. I finally got hold of someone there after several support tickets, emails and unsuccessful phone calls. They finally said I would get compensated for the downtime by giving me an additional 2 weeks. Instead of being billed on 08/13/05, they said I would now be billed on 09/01/05 and be billed on the 1st of every month after that.

Well on 08/13/05 they not only took another $19.95, they took an additional payment of $19.95. Nothing was supposed to be deducted until 9/1/05. I called them for 3 days and emailed them. They would not reply to emails. If they did answer their phone, they would not transfer me to billing. (this company has the worst customer service I have ever seen. EVEEER!).

I called my bank and cancelled my credit card and disputed the 2 illegal withdrawals. Once again, this was after 3 days and hours of emails and phone calls. A couple days later, they sent both $19.95 withdrawals back to my account and said I would be billed on 09/01/05.

I thought great, everything is all ok now.

On Sunday, 8/21/05, they suspended my account, shut down all my webpages, and said I owed them $109.00. If I did not pay this amount, they would keep my 5 domains and not allow me to move them to another service.

The $109.00 is itemized as follows….

2 chargebacks of $35.00 each = $70.00 They were charging me $35.00 for each charge of $19.95 that I had disputed. They also wanted both payments of $19.95 which they illegally took out. The two $19.95 charges were for services that they had not even given me yet. In other words, they wanted four payments of $19.95 when I had only been with them for 2 months.

My bank said they do not send a charge through for disputes. My bank never charged registerfly two payments of $35.00. I have no idea why they think I owe them for charges that they incurred when they billed me for money that was not theirs. At this point they emailed me and gave me an extension to call. I called one day and some guy would not shut up for 1 minute to allow me to ask why I owed them $109. He finally hung up on me. Then the next day I called and a women answered. I was trying to explain it to her and she said I had already talked to someone the day before for 2 hours, (it was only about a 5 minute conversation when he hung up on me). I said I wanted to explain to her why that $109 is not owed to them. She said she was too busy to talk to me and also hung up on me.

I called the Better Business Bureau for Livingston, NJ where registerfly is located. They said they have numerous complaints against registerfly and that they will not contact even the BBB to try and resolve issues. They sent me to consumer affairs to turn in a complaint. I am also going to send a letter to their attorney general to let them know of the illegal business activity in their town of Livingston. If anyone is trying to contact registerfly, here is the number and extension they gave me. It might help you get to their rude billing department.

Below is the last email I received back from them. They never sign their emails, so you can never deal with the same person.


*Your account has been suspended for chargebacks received. You are required to pay all the fees due of $109.90. Please call 973-736-2545 ext 125 for payment information.

Thank You*

Registerfly.com INC
ICANN Accredited Registrar

Unbelievable, after they closed my account, registerfly.com tried to bill my credit card on 09/01/05. Here is the message I received on 09/04/05. Once again be very cautious with your credit card info with these crooks (registerfly.com).


We attempted to process your credit card for web hosting services for your domain name. Your credit card was declined, please take a moment to update the billing information, credit card number and expire date. We will retry your hosting payment again within 24 hours. If within 24 hours your card is still declined your account and all related services may be deactivated until the balance is resolved.

UPDATE YOUR PAYMENT INFORMATION ——————————- You can update your billing information, credit card number etc via this link https://registerfly.com/hosting/edit.php?domain=xxxxxx&u=xxxxxx&mode=type#payment INFORMATION ——————————-

Domain : xxxxxx Amt Due: 19.95
Error : Authorization Failed.

If you have questions please contact us at 1-973-736-2545 or rapid@registerfly.com

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