Billboards: Modern Counterparts of Van Gogh and Da Vinci

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Taking a drive down an unfamiliar road, or simply driving to and from work has become nowadays more pleasurable and less stressful. What with the multitude of billboards plastered all over the city and suburbs, they have become a wonderful centerpiece with the backdrop of heaven and earth.

Have you ever imagined what life would be like without these big, larger than life posters and signage to aesthetically improve our place? Are you not amazed at how great the quality and colors are? Are you not struck with the brilliance and true-to-life depiction of the images in each of these billboards?

When billboards were first posted, they not only expressed artistic creativity, they also were medium of information and reminders for people of current events and new products. The people then were not yet attuned on billboards being very powerful tools in helping others in ways that they have never imagined before. Fortunately today, we have learned of its uses and are utilizing them in several ways.

Billboards are the cheapest and it reaches more people than any other form of advertising. Thus, many small businesses, and even some of the big corporations for that matter, utilize this form of media because television and radio commercials are more expensive and costly.

One state in fact used billboards to improve the visual quality of their community, and also serve as tools to reduce alcohol consumption by minors. Still another state made several billboards to try to convince people to stop smoking, to prevent the spread of AIDS, and to offer pregnancy support.

However, despite its practical uses, billboards first and foremost are works of art in the modern sense. Its production process, from conceptualization to posting, is definitely a designer’s and artist’s imaginations put to life.

When designers are put to work to create these magnificent billboards, they do not see their assignment as something corporate or practical. I mean, sure, they see also the numbers in every assignment. But let’s face it. Within each of these designer and artist, the billboards are their next work of art. With every billboard assignment, they see themselves as the modern Leonardo Da Vinci and Vincent Van Gogh.

According to one review, Van Gogh’s most searching artistic analysis was of himself. This is shown in his famous self portraits. However, Van Gogh was also very appreciative of the profuse of colors found in nature. In fact, one of his very famous paintings was the Irises. Similar to his self portraits, Van Gogh’s Irises are carefully studied with the same sincerity and precision. The elements of colors- like the greens, red, yellow, orange and white, and the different ranges of blues- all made the painting look luxuriant and produce a gay colorfulness and richness.

Leonardo Da Vinci also recognized the importance of painting scenes that are very close to reality. He was keen to observe with great care how animals, people, and landscapes really looked. He was also careful to notice the differences on how an object looked when it was close by and when it was farther away, and when it was seen in bright light and in dim light. He turned his attention to nature during long walks. He wrote detailed notes on his observations and made sketches of the things he saw in his notebooks throughout his life.

Whether its Van Gogh or Da Vinci, designers and artists are sure to emulate what they have done. Thus, billboards are most likely to reflect reality and life. What you see in billboards is what we have of life- big reflections of us and our world.

And with the advent of computer technology, we have programs, softwares and equipment to help our artists and designers come up with brilliant, full color and striking images and designs that are sure to stand out. You’ll be amazed at the technology we have now that keeps these billboards fresh for the longest time that they have been exposed. Several manufacturers and developers managed to produce high grade materials and machines that could make the pictures and prints true to its original. Xerox, Adobe’s Creative Suite, Corel, Epson- these are just a few of the names that are there to help make their lives and work simpler.

Whether it’s film making, game development, commercial design, or even fine arts, every creation and output are worthy of praise. There is only one big difference- creating works of art now is faster and easier, thanks to advanced technology. Combined with the power of modern technology of digital media, natural talents and techniques obtained during the formative years can create breathtaking works of art that are at par, if not better, with those of the grand masters.

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