Bills Gates wishes to share his fortune

Written By: Rose DesRochers

Guess what I received a letter in my inbox from Bill Gates and if I forward the letter on to everyone I know he is going to send me money. Sounds to good to be true doesn’t it? Well likely because it is.

Am I the only one who hates chain letters? Those things have to be one of my biggest pet peeves and what I can’t understand is why anyone bothers sending them. Chain letters are as bad as hoaxes. It bugs the heck out of me when I get a chain letter in my inbox supposedly written by Mr. Gates saying that he will give me money out of his own pocket if I forward this chain letter. Come on people Bill Gates is not going to send you money no matter how many people you forward this email to. No it does not really work. Someone is pulling your leg and I’m sorry to say it you are stupid enough to fall for it and then you forward it to me. Stop doing that, just stop. Please sit down and use your brain for a moment.

Now you may think I’m being a stick in the mud but you went out and purchase a computer , there are far more responsible thing that you can be using that computer for then sending email that is suppose to be written by Bill Gates to people who don’t want the darn things. Don’t you realize that you are annoying the heck out of people? Sending chain letters like this just waste peoples time. Bill Gates will give me money? Yah Right. Does that not sound too good to be true? Companies such as Microsoft don’t do business va a chain letter.

Let’s look at a line from this annoying letter

Dear Friends: Please do not take this for a junk letter. Bill Gates is sharing his fortune. If you ignore this you will repent later

If you send me this annoying letter you will repent later. You are doing nothing but wasting everyone’s time. Bill Gates is not sharing his fortune. Now say you don’t believe me and you feel that you must send me that annoying chain letter. You do honestly believe for one moment that Bill Gates wishes to share his money with you. Do you think you could respect my privacy and everyone elses? Please educate yourself on how to BCC send. If I was a harvester think of all the emails I could collect from that annoying letter you sent me.

While were on the subject of Bill Gates and chain letters , if you think by forwarding a chain letter to an x number of people something bad isn’t going to happen to you. I have a news flash for you. If you send me that chain letter something bad is going to happen to you. You are going to tick me off and receive a not so pleasant letter from me pointing out the error of your ways. Of course I’ll hit reply all and all your email buds will receive my rant and I’ll get blasted when youre really the one they should be yelling at. After all I would not have their email address had you not sent this stupid chain letter or had you used your BCC send. Do you not see the damage you are doing?

Now please do me a favor copy and paste the url to this article in an email BCC send it to everyone you know. If you do this a box will pop up on your screen a photo of Elvis Presley saying thank you thank you very much. Ok so Elvis won’t pop up but you just might receive an email from me saying thank you, thank you very much.

About the Author

About the Author
Rose DesRochers, Canada
Rose is a published author and web columnist. She is also the founder of Today’s Woman a supportive online writing community for men and women over 18

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