Blu Ray Discs The New DVDs

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Blu-ray disk is a disk which is compatible with current CD+DVD technology. It is the same format but offers greater data capacity, and it’s development is currently supported by leading hardware manufactures such as dell and HP as well as blank media manufactures.

CDs have a capcity of 650MB and DVDs a capacity of up to 8.5Gb

Blu ray disks were originaly develped for high definition video distrobution. The disks when used for high definition TV recording can store up to 7 hours of HDTV.

The blu ray disk capacity mens that it can be used for HDTV cancorder archiving, data storage and digital asset management. Blu ray disk drives will also be able to write to CD or DVD.

The additional capacity on the blu ray disk is created by usig blue laserers and improved lense technology enabling the creation of smaller + higher density pits on the disk. The manufacture of the disks is estimated to cost only 10% more than the manufacture of present DVDs.

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