Booming coding community offers unique niche, member rewards

Written By: Jacob Melovitch

YoungCoders.com, a new programming community that has amassed 13,000+ unique posts in just over four months, announced today that it has begun a unique contest that remains unmatched by other websites.

The site (http://www.youngcoders.com), which launched in late August, was designed to offer young entrepreneurs and programmers a chance to develop their skills and ask questions in a controlled, youth friendly environment, according to the sites owner and founder Frederick Coleman.

In recent weeks, the site has featured eight administration sponsored contests, and has given away a grand total of over $250 in prizes.

The new contest, which officially begins January 5th, and ends one month later, will reward active members of the community with free hosting and domain names.

“I wanted to give something to the community for the New Year,” said Coleman. “Well be giving away hosting and domain names, so hopefully it will get some of our members started in this great industry.”

The forum currently caters to youth interested in server-side and client-side programming, software programming, web hosting, graphic design, and computer security.

Over 300 members have already joined the site.

In addition to the discussion forums, the site also allows users to post advertisements free of charge in a special section.

“Its just our way of supporting the members that have helped us grow,” said Coleman.

For more information on the “New Years Hosting Competition,” visit its official thread at http://www.youngcoders.com/thread9803.html.

Hosting has been provided by RoundHost.net. For more information on Round Host and its services, visit http://www.roundhost.net.

About Young Coders
YoungCoders.com, an interactive community for youth with entrepreneurial aspirations and for those interested in coding and web development, was established in late August, 2004. Since its inception, the communitys membership has grown to over 300, and the board contains a whopping 13,000+ posts.

The site boasts thousands of Google-indexed pages, and currently has a Page Rank of 4.

For more information about Young Coders, visit http://www.youngcoders.com.

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