Boost Your Way To Better Search Engine Placement

Written By: Robert Roy

Once your site is up and running what is the number ONE way to better search engine placement? It’s developing content. Yes, honest, reliable content is what those search engine robots are looking for.

These robots are getting smarter everyday. Their algorithms are getting better every day. It is NOT worth your while to try to “beat” them to boost your way to better search engine placement. You need to stick to basics.

IF content is number one then number two is links to your site. These links are also called “back links” your way to better search engine placement also depends very much on this.

It is very important that these links have a common relevancy to your site. If your site is about orchids and gardening then you shouldn’t have any links to a tax preparing site. This way you will be on your way to better search engine placement.

There are several ways to get links. One is to place a page on your site to allow webmasters to link exchange with you. You give them your link for their Web site and they give you theirs. This gives you a back link but a reciprocal one.

Another is to go to link farms, companies that will guarantee you a number of links from other sites for a fee. This is not a good option. You will be linked to sites that are not relevant to your site. This will diminish how the search engines view you and may even penalize your site.

The major search engines are now keying into not only relevancy but also their page rank. How high they rank with search engines.

There is one way to better search engine placement, get relevant links to your Web site. Put your keyword or keyword phrase into the search engines and see who are the top 20 – 25 sites that come up who also use your keyword.

First, you know that they have a lot a visitors and secondly they are good sites because of their rank. You should then email them and ask them if they would link to you and you to them. Try to be sure that they are not your direct competitor.

If they link with you the robots will give you a better score because of who they are. A simple, easy way to better search engine placement is dependant on the number of links and the quality of those links.

Site Build It? (SBI!) also has a great linking tool called “Value Exchange”. All you need to do is to put in your keyword and it will match with other Web sites who use the same keyword. So at least you can get relevant sites linking to your Web site and you can pick and chose.

If you have the “Google Tool Bar” installed on your browser you can see for yourself how good the page quality of the Web site is. There is a bar on the “page rank” which will indicate where the Web site is ranked.

Back Links are very important way to get better search engine placement. Don’t use link farms. Try to get back links from quality and high web visitor sites. You need to do this!

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