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Written By: Jeff Lakie

Most homes these days have at least one printer hooked up to their personal computer. And a personal computer gets a fair amount of use through the day as an average family of four find a variety of uses to fill their time at the computer, including entertainment, information, to help with school work, to find recipes, to shop, to browse the Internet, etc.

So it is no surprise then that the printer gets a lot of use. With so many computers in North America running so many printers for so many people, it is no wonder that many printer manufacturers sell their printers at almost no profit because they make huge profits on ink refills.

Ink refill can be expensive, especially if you have a color printer, since you have to refill the black cartridge plus the three primary color cartridges as well. Filling a modern BubbleJet printer can cost well over $100!

It does not have to be that way. There are options available that are more affordable. Here is a review and evaluation of your cartridge refill options:

You can go out and buy the manufacturer’s ink cartridges. It is quick, easy, clean but can cost $100 or more if you have to replace all four ink cartridges. However, by staying loyal to the brand, you maintain the warranty on your printer.

Affordability factor: low — Cleanliness factor: high — Convenience factor: high

You can buy off-brand ink cartridges. These may void your warranty, but you can be sure that they will likely work in your printer since many other people are purchasing them as well and the off-brand ink cartridge manufacturing company does not want to lose customers by producing a product that does not work..

Affordability factor: medium — Cleanliness factor: high — Convenience factor: high

You can go to a printer refill kiosk in the mall and have then refill your cartridges. This will void your warranty as well, but for people who find the high cost of ink cartridges prohibitive, this is an excellent option. It’s also environmentally sound since there is little waste.

Affordability factor: medium — Cleanliness factor: high — Convenience factor: high

You can purchase a commercial ink refilling kit and do it yourself. This is the most affordable method but it can be messy, and take a long time if you have never done it before. And while it may only cost you a few dollars, you void your warranty by using any non-manufacturer-approved ink and equipment.

Affordability factor: high — Cleanliness factor: low — Convenience factor: low

For most people who are willing to risk the warranty and who don’t want the hassle of doing it themselves, buying off-brand cartridges or getting used cartridges refilled at a kiosk is the best option.

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