Catastrophic confluence: avian flu and Iraq

Written By: Chromatius

As avian (or bird) flu makes it’s way into North Africa and the Middle East, we should consider the dangers posed by American activities in Iraq, the wider Middle East and other theatres of conflict (Central and South Asia, South America). And Cuba of course.

Of course, historically armies have always carried disease in their wake, and the ongoing transfer and rotation of personnel and materiel is worrying enough, especially with the criminal penumbra that always accompanies such activity.

But now US, UK and Israeli spooks and torturers are secretly transferring prisoners around the world, under no effective control at all. Special forces are running terror campaigns throughout much of Iran, Iraq and Syria. And that’s just the headlines.

Even the most pro-US opinion must see the danger posed by the secret transfer of prisoners across a secret network of jails in multiple countries – surely you don’t imagine they are subject to proper quaratine practise. Let alone that as far as we can tell the boys spend a lot of the time travelling from one overpriced hotel to another, taking time out to run up huge bills in posh restaurants.

And if a major outbreak is caused by such activities, even a worst case scenario pandemic with millions dying, who will be held accountable? And will we ever know it happened like that? Who would tell us – US or UK authorities, the corporate media? Not hugely likely.

Then there’s those among the neo-cons and religious right who will welcome such events. Can we trust them to take the necessary precautions, or will they leave it to the will of God?

Feeling secure yet?
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