CD and DVD Replication – Hints and Tips for Duplicating

Written By: Mike Spencer

CD replication is the most modern process, which is considered quite superior to the process of CD duplication. In this process, the CD replicator makes a glass master from an already pre mastered image. He then creates stampers using the master image. Then, the compact discs are pressed by him with stamper by using the injection moldings. As and when the stamper is built and the replicator machine is set. A compact disc can then be produced in just a fraction of some seconds.

CD Replication actually refers to the process of pressing the compact discs. In this particular process, the information is pressed into the molded compact disc with the use of a stamper. You can relate this whole process with the act of pressing ink stampers, which are used to mark the invoices. With the help of a conveyor belt, the casted compact discs receive an arm that comes down and then presses and stamps the required data into the CDs.

There are some requirements in the process of Replication. The first and the foremost is time. The replicator may require at least two or even a day more. At times, it extends to even a week or month for making the master or stampers and creating schedules for press running. You should also include the total time required for shipping time from the plant to the destination.

You might not have been aware by now of an important fact that both the processes of duplication and replication are quite the same, but the main distinction is of the content. Content can be termed as the base of chief difference between CD replication and duplication. Thus, when you go to a company providing services of CD replication, it is important to ask that whether they will be replicating or duplicating your compact discs.

Let us explain you the whole process of CD replication in detail. For the CD replication of various CD projects, the very first thing that is done by the replication companies is to conduct a little test on the master copy that you will provide them. This is just to make sure that the master does not contain some serious problems that are uncorrectable by nature. You must know that this might happen to your master copy that it can play very well in your CD player and not that well with the CD replication company. We know that this is a most frustrating experience, but it is a very common disaster in the CD replication process.

It might take time, ranging from one to two days or even three weeks in the process of CD replication. It depends directly upon the fact that how much time-consuming or complicated your project is, how much far you reside from the CD replication plant and also the total number of work scheduled with the replicator.

So, use all this useful info about CD replication and get your work done effectively and qualitatively.

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