CD Business Cards- Why Use Them?

Written By: Steven Sharples

CD Business cards are the more advanced version of the now outdated paper business card. Using CD business cards created by LiveCards allow you to promote your business in a much more dynamic way.

The unique shape and unique size give a lasting impression. LiveCards are designed to hold the usual details such as company name logo and contact details.

How ever this is where the comparison ends. When the CD business card is placed into the CD/DVD-Rom drive the LiveCard will automatically run a dynamic flash presentation of your business. Presentations can include Video, Sound and Images. With the easy navigation on screen it will allow even the most novice computer users easy access to your content. With easy links to your email and website you have an exciting marketing tool.

With advertising today you need to leave a lasting impression on your potential customers to encourage them to purchase the product or service offered. Many businesses use business cards as a means of leaving contact details. With a standard business card they either get thrown away or written on.

With a CD LiveCard, you will not find your potential customer throwing these away too soon. When given out customers are amazed by its shape and size. Many people pass them onto friends and family. When the card is placed into a windows based computer or laptop this is when the true power of a LiveCard is shown.

Why use them you ask?

Well the simple answer is they leave a lasting mark on your potential customers. With CD Business cards they allow you to use video,sound and images. Having you business presented dynamically on screen gives your business a professional touch. The unique shape and size of the card gives you a light, small marketing tool which you can post at ease.

The cards can be used for:

  • Business cards
  • Product Showings
  • Business Brochures
  • Promotional Offerings
  • Press Releases
  • Trade Show demos
  • Sales training
  • and many more…

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