Choosing the right printer ink

Written By: Jeff Lakie

In today’s technology age, most homes or offices have computers with printers. With regular use, printer ink may begin to dwindle. You’ll notice that your printouts begin to look faded or splotchy. Supplies like paper and printer ink need to be replaced regularly. It is important to know which type of printer ink is needed for your machine before you buy replacement cartridges. Check your printer manual for model numbers that are compatible with your machine.

Printer ink cartridges can be purchased online or in office supply stores. If you look at the wide selection, however, you may become overwhelmed with the variety available! It is important to note that printer ink is not interchangeable; certain types fit certain printers, and you need to check serial numbers before making your purchase. Do you have an inkjet, dot matrix, or laser printer? These all require different types of printer ink. Once a package is opened, the seller may or may not accept it for return, so be certain you’ve purchased the right type before opening the package.

Some machines require only one printer ink cartridge that will print both black-and-white and color. Others, such as photo printers, require several types of printer ink, one for each color in the spectrum. These cartridges tend to add up more quickly, though you may not need to replace every color at once. Only replace what you need to, and you’ll save yourself a headache.

Many types of printer ink are available in both brand name and generic versions. Generic printer ink tends to be cheaper and can be a good buy as long as you’re sure you’ve selected the right model. It may be wise to stock up on printer ink while it’s on sale; that way you’ll have it on hand when you begin to run out.

When installing your printer ink cartridges, make sure you follow the directions carefully. It may help to examine the placement of the old cartridge before you remove it from the machine, so that you can replace it correctly with the new printer ink. It is not advisable to shake printer ink cartridges, as the ink may splatter.

With correct installation, a printer ink cartridge should work properly from the first printout. Check your manual, as you may need to realign your printer after cartridge installation.
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