Comment on the Creation of a Logo Design for Design Caf

Written By: Maricon Williams

The purpose of the in-house competition to create a logo design is for the Design Caf to have a unique mark of identity. It should reflect a place for friendly, approachable and helpful discussion amongst graphic designers, publishers, illustrators, photographers and others who are inclined in the creation of visual communications. The logo that will be chosen will be printed on coffee mugs and embroidered on shirts.

When we make a business logo it should reflect the business itself. It should reflect the products and services the business is catering. It starts with the conceptualization process where you think of the right words, color and design. Your logo is the most important design in your business because it is the basis of all other materials.

In connection with the Design Caf entries, all of them are made with striking concept. I prefer #11 and #12. Number 11 entry depicts elegance. It is simple yet regal. It sends out a message that this establishment is of superior class yet approachable. Number 12 entry is artistic, which you can gauge the word creativity. From the logo you can be acquainted that the business is all about designing.

Even if you think you are good in arts it is better if you consult an expert with regards to the creation of the same. No one knows best in logo design than the experts themselves. They know whether or not a logo design will transfer effortlessly into print or onto a sign. If you come up with a beautiful design that cannot be transferred or will cost too much money to be printed, it will be however, at your expense. Your logo is the groundwork for all your promotional materials, so this is one area worth spending now because it really pays off later.

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