Common Spam Emails

Written By: Lee Dobbins

Spam comes in many forms and spammers will pull out all the stops to try to trick you into clicking on their email and hopefully making a purchase. Below are some of the most common forms that spam comes in how many of them do you recognize?

Application Accepted These emails are supposed to make you think that your loan or other application has been accepted. Of course, you wont be fooled by this if you never applied for anything online.

Business Opportunity – These are the emails that claim you can make thousands with little effort. Like most anything else, if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.

Chain Letters – Do you have a friend that relentlessly forwards you these emails? Not only do they suck up internet bandwidth and disk space, but they can potentially be a way for spammers to get your email address.

Magical Health Products – Magical diet pills and miracle cures are just hype and the products dont usually match up to their claims.

Free Stuff – Youve probably figured out by now that nothing in life is free. Usually these free offers require you to join a site with a monthly fee or have so many restrictions that you never actually get your free gift.

Loans and Credit Repair – You can apply for your own loan and repair your credit yourself. No one else will be able to work any special magic that you cant do on your own.

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