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Do you need help in deciding which satellite company is better? Dish Network and Direct TV are the most popular satellite tv systems in the USA. WE have set out and compared Dish Network vs. Direct TV to help you decide on what satellite provider is best for you..

Dish Network 1. You get more digital channels for the same price, you get all the free features such as TiVo, up to 4 tv connections, free installation, and more.

Dish 2. Dish Network will offers NO Equipment to Buy, FREE Home Protection Plan, 100% Digital Programming, FREE DVR Equipment Options, FREE HD Equipment Options, LIFETIME Equipment Warranty.

Dish 3. Dish Networks packages start out from $29.95 a month, big savings vs. cable or other satellite providers.

Advantages of Direct tv

Direct tv 1. Get a DIRECTV System in up to 5 rooms free, with standard install & free delivery.

Direct tv 2. Direct tv offers 1 DIRECTV DVR Receiver Powered by TiVO, 70 Hour Recorder Advanced Program Guide, On-Screen Caller-ID Capable, Auto-Tune Timers, Parental Controls, 1 UHF Remote, Triple LNB Dish.

Direct tv 3. You can get up to 125 channels at their basic package which includes local channels from $39.99 a month. They run satellite promotions from time to time that allows you to get HBO or Cinemax free for up to 3 months as well.

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Make sure to do you due dilligence in order to make a wise choice in choosing your Satellite tv service. We hope this advice is helpful for you in making a sound choice on your home satellite service.

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