Copywriter Fees Explained

Written By: Joel Walsh

Copywriter fees, though they may vary greatly from one copywriter to the next, are not determined arbitrarily. Understanding how copywriters set fees will help you get the most for your money.

Copywriter Fees – Market Rates

Copywriter fees vary greatly from writer to writer and project to project, and there are no real industry standards. Two respected industry sources, The Copywriters Council of America, and the trade publication, Writers Market, have surveyed US copywriters about their fees, and come up with some pretty accurate ranges for various copywriting services.

Copywriting Services an Investment, Not an Expense

Copywriting services are best seen as an investment rather than an expense. No other service or product you buy will have as direct an impact on how much money your business makes, as copywriting services. Your copywriter is the one who will speak directly to your current and prospective customers, not your management consultants, landlord, or travel agent. If you’re going to save money, it should be with those fine people, not your copywriter.

How Copywriter Fees Are Set

Copywriters’ fees can often seem a little less than transparent. But in reality fees for copywriting services are based on just one thing: time. Traditionally, copywriters would simply bill by the hour, and most still do. UpMarket tries to make life easier by charging firm, flat fees. Still, all fees are ultimately based on an estimate of how much time services are expected to require, and also whether the time will be spent directly on creative services (requiring a writer), or editing, proofreading, research or administrative (which can be done by an assistant).

UpMarket’s fees represent exceptional value for top-notch professional copywriting services. The quoted rates of many copywriters often turn out to be deceptively low,once the final bill arrives. Yet UpMarket’s upfront comprehensive flat fees are competitive even without packing any surprises. Here’s how we do it.

  • Copywriter fees are calculated separately from fees for research, editing, proofreading, and administrative support, which are usually provided by different individuals, not just the writers.

  • Virtually unlimited email communication during projects, at no additional cost.

  • Upfront, itemized flat fees, allowing for accurate real-world cost evaluation and control.

  • Reliable access to copywriting services, meaning less time and resources expended on maintaining a pool of copywriters.

You shouldn’t worry about paying too much in copywriter fees. Given how important good copy is for making you money, Worry about not paying enough for copywriting services.

About the author

Joel Walsh is the founder, owner, and head writer of UpMarket, an online copywriting / internet marketing services firm & web content provider to small and medium-sized businesses.

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