Cyber Utopia

Written By: Kenneth L. Cluck III

Table of Contents
I. What is Cyber Utopia?
II. Free Internet Services of Today
III. Who Owns the Internet?

I. What is Cyber Utopia?

Cyber Utopia is a non-existent Internet. Its a place where information can be sent anywhere to anyone in a matter of seconds. It is a place that truly does not exist though we are forced to think it does. We think we can spread our words to anyone through the Internet, but what weve been taught is a Cyber Utopia. A non-existent form of global communication, and our goal is to help the Internet come closer to this.

II. Free Internet Services of Today

Well, what kind of services does the Internet allow us to have? Though the Internet is built of many computers and information is transmitted almost instantly from one end of the world to another, Internet communication is not as easy as some people may think. You also need to find out how to reach your target; you do this through bigger websites. Though it is true that the Internet is a place where you can transmit messages quickly, it doesnt mean business hasnt consumed it to cause people need more to do the same things.

Do you want a good place where your members can freely talk, but without paying any money? Its hard to believe how much more Forum, or worst yet, Search Engine hosting costs so much more than normal web hosting. Most peoples Forums or Search Engines may take up to a max of a few megabytes. Yet hosting services want to charge much more than actual web hosting. Even though it may be argued that they developed their software so it takes more, well, that is not true either. Forum software such as PhpBB and NavBoard are free forums software that not only offer the same and many times more features than paid forum software they do not contain ads and may freely be used, but than you need a good web host. One of the best forum hosts is Freeminz.com, Freeminz.com offers forum hosting without charge and without ads, though you pay nothing Freeminz.com is still a profitable business.

Though the businesses that charge a lot for script hosting (such as forum or search engine hosting) or put ads on what they host are trying to earn a profit. There are other ways of creating an income from the services. For Freeminz.com, the forum hosting is automated and is just a reason for people to go to the website, Freeminz.com only has banners on the main page of Freeminz.com. Though the banners may not look good to the average Internet user it insures their existence. And since the forums they host do not have ads and are free, you can have a massive online community without having to give any money. This is what the Internet is about, being able to freely share information. This is what Freeminz.com tries to do.

III. Who Owns the Internet?

Well, now Im going to cover the owners of the Internet. Who owns the Internet? The people who own massive websites that earn tons of money offering poor service; this is where competition comes in. To offer these services it does not take much at all. All you need is a web host that charges $10 a month and a will to sacrifice a little time every once in a while to help offer great services. Creating websites such as an email host or a web host and yet not charge a lot of money for it. In fact, its so easy you dont even need web development skills. Just the ability to run a website creation tool.

When Freeminz.com first started the forums werent made automatically, people had to individually submit information on what they want than I took their information and created their forums. This wasnt too time consuming, though I spent a little time (15 minutes to half an hour) every day creating forums. I decided to use my computer skills to create a forum creation script. These scripts can be bought or made, though you dont really need them. If you can sacrifice just a little bit of time and a small amount of money you can make your own free online service. This is the goal of Freeminz.com, to promote people to create free online services and communities.

The idea is that if Freeminz.com and other free services on the Internet can be good enough to be extremely competitive to the paid services, the paid services would have to increase what they offer for their prices to keep up. Its just simple competition to help the Internet to truly be a place where people can freely communicate and transmit information.

Would you like to help with creating free services and yet not know where to get a good web host, I suggest you look at FindMyWebHost.org and find a web host that offers what you need. If you need further help you can contact me at my message boards at HackMyForums.com (My username is Kc3).

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